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I have a lot of dolls for sale. Mostly all older ones, no new ones. Ask me if i have what you are looking for. Thanks.

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could you send me pictures first via PM?

Hi!  I'm looking for Roller Maze Operetta and Clawdeen.  Do you have them?

I think I do, but I will have to check and let you know.


I do have Roller Maze Clawdeen, but not sure about Roller Maze Operetta.  I had my daughters look, but I will have too look better when I get home.  They said they didn't see her. 

Thanks, please keep me in touch  :)

Thanks I will.  I get home by 5:30pm, so I will let you know tonight.  :)


I dont have the roller maze operetta i must have sold her a while back.

Ok, thanks anyway!

Do you want the roller maze clawdeen?

Shipping cost will be too high for just 1 doll I think  :(

I found my roller maze operetta if you are still interested

Do you have I <3 Fashion Cleo NIB?


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