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I have a lot of dolls for sale. Mostly all older ones, no new ones. Ask me if i have what you are looking for. Thanks.

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is that I <3 Fashion Clawdeen?

are you looking for Fashion Clawdeen?



I do have her if you are looking for her.


yes! how much were you looking for her

$30.00 but that doesn't include shipping costs. 

and for jackson also maybe? how much

Which Jackson are you looking for?

which do you have besides GB

I am not sure, I will look when I get home, right now I am at work.  I will be home around 5:30pm, so I can let you know later tonight.

okay, my daughter said I have the Diary Series Jackson Jekyll and the Picnic Casket 2 pack

how much for diary jackson

$65 but doesnt include shipping


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