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All items listed can be found in one of the pictures. Prices do not include shipping. I only ship in the US and it will be the actual cost of shipping. Payment must be made through paypal. I ship using paypal and you will be able to track packages this way. This is to protect both the buyer and seller. No holds or payment plans. If you claim an item please follow through. Your request for an item should first be made by comment and will go in the order of who called an item first. If that person "passes" it will continue on to the next.

**Clothing Lot Pic 1**
Skirts and tops $1.50 each , headbands $1 ea , stockings .75 each , others .50 ea

**Clothing Pic 2**
Jackson shorts $4 shirt $3 , Cleo Wave 1 $3.50 , Draculaura/Clawdeen/Lagoona wave 1 pcs $2.50 each , cleo dotd dress $3 , spectra/clawdeen full pc dress $3 ea , clawdeen schools out outfit $2 ea pc , ghoulia top/shorts $3 ea

**Misc Pic**
RM helmet $2 , scaris rochelle dress $2.50 , suitcases $2.50 , Jackson glasses $3 , clawdeen wave 1 top $2.50

**Dolls Picture 1**
Gigi Grant with lantern & pet $17 (just doll $14) , Rochelle wave 1 $15 , Frankie w/ pet & diary $20 just doll $15) , Cleo Wave 1 $15 , Deuce Wave 1 $23

**Doll Picture 2 **
Dotd Clawdeen $9 , clawdeen sister pk $8 , Abbey MF $9, Frankie GB $7 , Lagoona $8 , Lagoona $8 , Clawdeen MF $9

**Doll Picture 3**
Jinafire $10 , Twyla $10 , Draculaura FL $14, Frankie DOTD $15 , Frankie wave 1 $11 , Frankie SO $10

Please send me a message with any questions.

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I'm interested in DOTD Frankie. I'll pm you shipping details. Thanks ;)
Interested in scaris rochelle tights and fearleading ghoulia top..looking through your other posts to see if there is anything else
Ok. Pm me full list after you look
I'm actually just going to pass. .sorry! I didn't see anything else I wanted

samanthacastle54 said:
Ok. Pm me full list after you look

I am bookmarking this for later.  I get paid on Monday and will come back for the sister pack socks and maybe some other items.

I am interested in wave 1 cleo and duece along with Dotd frankie and clawdeen.

Ok. I am going to pm you. 

shanabear said:

I am interested in wave 1 cleo and duece along with Dotd frankie and clawdeen.

I'm interested in wave 1 lagoona's hoodie, wave 1 draculaura's top and skirt and also wave 1 spectra's dress.

Are these dolls still for sell?
Please pm me. I am wanting to get several if they are still available.

I am interested in
pic 1:
Howleen's Stocking 
Clawdeen's stocking
Rochelle's stockings

MISC pic Rochelle's suitcase
please pm me

hi I'm very interested in these items, please pm me!


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