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Question for everyone, but mostly for adult fans: have you ever been a victim of what I call "Monster High doll shaming"? You know, being ridiculed/mocked/laughed at or bullied because you're a Monster High fan and doll collector? If it ever happened to you, how would you react? Confront the person and blast them off? Try to educated them? Simply ignore them and laugh it off? Any other kind of reaction?

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I was buying Kiyomi Haunterly and River Styxx at work during my break and my coworker asked who they were for. I said that they were for me and that I collect them. He said, "That's kinda weird." I was just kind of meh, whatever. It is most certainly not weird, I like it and I don't care what anyone else thinks.

I've had lots of snide/rude comments like the "I think you're weird for that" stuff. When that happens I just say "well it's a good thing you're not me and I'm not you."

I will always find this ironic,in middle school almost everyone knew and hardly anyone made fun of me for it but the Pokemon kids would always tell me "arent you too old for that stuff"
If that's not irony idk what is.
I've also recently met a brony in my school(there's a LOT of them at my school,you honestly can't turn your head without seeing a brony wearing mlp merch from hot topic) and I told him about my MH situation and he literally said that MH is for little girls and grown up boys like me should notbe into 5 year old girl stuff.
We are both Sophomores in high school.
He is a brony.
When I tried to argue with him he said that MLP is different because it has intercrate plots,adult jokes,and involves death and is hardcore.
I sighed reallybhard before standing up and moving desks and never speaking to him again.

Oh my, that is like, if you look up irony in a dictionary, this situation should be the text explaining it's meaning... Wow!

Every reason he said for MLP to be okay for adults could also be said for MH! This always gets to me. I can handle random people giving stupid comments (they usually don't know any better), but when a collector of a similar collectible who's basically in the same boat as us goes all 'Oh, what I collect/love is better then yours' that's just teeth grinding. They should know better than that.

Back on topic, yes I have had doll shaming. I was actually allready used to it having been an action figure collector for many years before MH came along. Up untill about five years ago comments would always get me down. I'd get comments saying: 'Those are for boys and you're a girl', 'You should grow up', 'You're wasting your money. you already have so many I think it's enough now', 'Please tell me you don't play with them, right? You just put them on the shelves and look at them?' and even 'You have a boyfriend?! I thought you were a lesbian because of your action figures?!'

For MH the comments are basically the same, only I no longer get to hear the 'Those are for boys' and 'Are you a lesbian' ones. But, when I started collecting MH back in 2010 that was also the period I gained alot more selfconfidence. So, where I would always apologetically replie 'No, ofcourse I don't play with them!' or 'I no longer buy them, this is just what I had as a kid' and stuff like that, I now proudly say 'Ofcourse I play with them, that's part of the fun!', and 'I will buy as many dolls as I want with my money' and 'I'm never too old to have fun!'. I am proud of my collection, they're my dolls by my own choice and not by accident.

I must say that now that I really 'stand up' for my collection, the relatives that have given me such comments in the past have gotten alot nicer in regards to my collecting hobby. After realising their negative comments will just get them a snarky one back, they no longer give negative comments but they will tell me how they really like my display set-ups, or they tell me that when they enter a toystore, they never see such great dolls as I have. Some have even pointed out a specific doll and tell me that if they'd ever get a doll it would be this one.

Also, on a funny sidenote: My mom (who, for the record, was never against my doll collecting) even told me that when people ask her if she's already got grand-children, she has the urge to replie 'No, but I got lots of grand-dolls!', haha!

Well, this has already become a very long replie, so I'm gonna end it here :) I do love this topic!

I often get asked "are these for you?" but when I grin and say "yep, mine all mine!" and cackle like a lunatic the staff member tends to shut up hahaha. I think they do  that sorta "oookay crazy lady" thing and wish they could edge away.

I find just responding with pride and a little tinge of outright insanity seems to stop people in their tracks.

I get workmen and such coming to the house who make comment, but it's usually more surprise than anything mean. "wow someone sure likes dolls" or "how many do you have?!"

I answer their questions quite happily and I think the fact I show zero shame at all for my obsession means people are less inclined to try to make me feel bad.

The guy in argos used to call me "doll lady" whenever I walked in. He'd see me and say "we haven't got any new monster dolls today!" and i'd grin and thank him.

I wonder if I do actually get snide remarks and just don't notice lol. I'm usually kinda distracted by "NEW DOLL" to pay much attention to what the cashier is saying and generally just grin and hug the thing to my chest like a delighted child.

Then again, i've never much cared if people think i'm childish, growing up is lame. We went sofa shopping a few weeks ago and oh man, the adultness of it just got to me. So as soon as I noticed there was a children's colouring area I vaulted a sofa, leapt into the chair and giggled to myself as a coloured in with crayons.

Husband just smiles and shakes his head. He's used to me being a bit crazy and shameless. thing is, not a single person in the store batted an eyelid at me sitting there with crayons cackling to myself. Either they had decided to ignore the clearly mental person, or just flat out didn't care what some random stranger was doing.

Most people have better things to do after all.

I am that adult who'll play with the kids activity packs. That grown up who'll sit in the kids section playing with the bead maze (hahaha i love bead mazes). Kids are more interesting than adults most of the time, so I end up sitting and chatting to kids instead of boring grownups. I recall one family bbq (husband's family who are super dull middle class english cliches) and I spent the afternoon having a waterfight with the kids. There were about 8 kids... and we had buckets. I got soaked, I think at one point I ended up fully clothed IN the paddling pool. It was AMAZING. So much fun. I entertained the kids so the boring grownups could talk about boring grown up stuff, and I had a ball. I was "that mad pregnant lady with the water pistol" lol.

So I suppose my reaction is just to grin, hold up whatever i'm playing with, loudly exclaim "YEP!" and go back to playing. Seems to work a treat.

I don't tend to get picked on for the toys, instead it's usually my way of speaking I get grief for. Apparently I talk very very loudly, always have. I can't hear the pitch or volume of my own voice you see, so I think i'm talking normal and apparently i'm yelling (I think other people are just being jerks honestly, you'd think i'd be able to tell if I was yelling!)

I'm 21 and I get comments like "So when are you going to grow up?" "That's what you spend your money on?"
Someone once said to me "Aren't you too old to be playing with dolls? Or are you just trying to be something you're not?"
It does bother me actually. I get embarrassed about it sometimes.
There are times I get angry and explode and tell them how stupid they are. Other times I'll ignore it and get depressed.

Thankful i haven't had much doll shaming usually people think I'm younger then i am so i roll with that.

When i hear people younger or close to my age or even older trash mh i usually just don't talk to them. lol.

So i have heard so comments but they usually come from idiots that don't know what they are talking about or people that are too shallow to collect. I heard one girl that was a few years younger then me say she used to have a basic frankie mh doll but she scalped it on ebay for x amount. So some people think it's cool to even scalp dolls or think they can only admit to having a doll if they scalped it which is really quite sad.

NEVER! growing up sucks, it's all full of responsibility and stress. I keep getting told "you should have had daughters" and I respond "nooo then i'd have to share my dolls!" lol. I end up sharing them with my son's anyway, but there's a little less of them demanding them.

Shame ????? No-shame is something to feel if I brought harm to my family or to others. 

If anything feel grateful that you have found something that brings joy, what do I mean by that...................

Do you know anyone, I do-people very close to me, that when you walk into their house there is no collections of anything.

Just necessity items, when I ask them-what do you like???????????? I get a blank stare or what do I mean.......

it is the saddest thing.....

I get that grind weird faces when stores coworkers ask me if they are to wrap as gift or want a gift trading ticket and get back an answer that I don't need cause they are for me (or my sister). 
I'm 36, my work colleagues and friends all know I'm kinda crazy with dolls, I collect dolls since I was a child (my oldest doll is 34 years still in good shape, played with her but always with care), some even learned to give me dolls as B-Day presents or Xmas. 
When people try to shame my love for dolls I go like whatever, it's healthier than what they do and at the end many come to me so save them when they want to buy presents for their kids and they know nothing about it (poor kids), their parent's don't even bother to play with them.
I really don't care about what others say, I like dolls, others like phones and so. I'm happy the way I am, grownup world is boring and icky.  

Be easy on yourself. Most 15 year olds are not comfortable in their own skin and are very worried about what people will say. It took most of us adults time to become confident enough to tell the world - this is who I am, like it or not. People who care about you and who are good to have in your life won't shame you for a hobby even if they don't share it. People that try to make you feel bad for being different are usually very insecure themselves or unhappy or mean. Otherwise, why would they care so much about your hobby when it has 0 effect on them. It's your money, your time, your space...not theirs.

Basically, give yourself time, be kind to yourself, and remember, as cliche as it sounds, be yourself - those matter won't mind and those that mind, don't matter.


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