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Monster High didn't reboot because Disney princesses line was lost to Mattel. *THEORY*

So, here it goes, my theory isn't that they ruined MH because they lost a license, my theory is it was a deliberate attempt successfully made in order to regain lagging Barbie sales. My logic behind this is EAH was princess based and "not too scary for children" hence they didn't have to put a target on MH at all. They could of kept dishing them out and turned to younger children through EAH as it was always targeted to a younger audience anyway. Thoughts, opinions, ideas? Sound off in the comment section.

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That is exactly my theory as well. After the reboot of Monster High, Mattel made barbies that were different heights, and more diverse overall. I'm my opinion they should have branched further out and specifically targeted teen and adult collectors. I do feel Barbie was on the down swing, and I personally had not purchased a Barbie since adulthood and still have not. Monster high had a unique story line that was very cohesive. I tried to collect EAH but it's too average for me (however I do enjoy the fashion). Thanks for posting and you are not alone in your theory.

Plus they took away MH articulation but invented the "Made to move" body for Barbie and brought back her FULL articulation. Hmm...

Yeah plus EAH dolls all had the same faces, besides like three of the dolls. Bleck!

I am not sure.

Mattel would definitely do anything to reboost the Barbie brand.

Also the company experienced financial difficulties in the past years. It shows in the decline of quality of their products. The Mattel store in Paris closed down last year. It is not a good sign. And all the Hasbro-Mattel merging rumours etc...

I am not a fan of the Barbie fashionistas as an adult collector but a lot of adult collectors appreciate them and buy them. The only Barbie dolls I buy are second hand older ones.

I think Mattel wanted to move towards more realistic designs for their toys and all the "politically correct" type of stuff. Different body types, diversity, curvy, etc to please everybody (especially the parents complaining about MH not being appropriate blah blah). MH did not fit anymore. The fate of EAH is I think linked to the loss of the Disney franchise. It makes sense for Mattel to invest in Barbie and not in their other brands if they have to cut costs.

I hope they go bankrupt and drive themselves into the ground financially and legally.Speaking of Mattel, of course. Then to have the nerve to add Monster High accessories to that shit line called Heartz girls or whatever it is called. Also you totally glazed over the fact that EAH was all about princesses and a better choice to overhaul rather than just destroy MH. The only dolls Barbie wise worth anything are the collector ones as in Silkstone, 1960's, etc. Even the reproductions of the originals aren't worth much at all. 

I don't want to defend Mattel (they made the wrong choices! lol) but they are the company that brought us Monster High and EAH. I liked EAH dolls when they first came out but not as much as Monster High. I did not buy many of them at the time. Now, I realise how great they were and I pick them in charity shops or boot sales. I have found several recently in great condition. Raven Queen Throne Coming is one of them. So gothic and detailed! She looks like a collector doll I think!

I only adopt Barbies I like in boot sales. I have no idea if they are worth anything. I only buy dolls if I like them regardless of value.

The Wild Hearts Crew are designed by some of the MH designers team. That's why they have references to MH. Everybody forgets the designers but they were the soul of MH. They must have been heartbroken. I know one of the lady designing WHC designed the Sweet Screams line. sigh... Anyway, this line has failed. The WHC ended up in the reduced section and they were not even available in Europe. I find it quite sad.

Now horrible Larian has the toy market for himself! As much as I like MGA toys, I can't stand him!

Venus is one of my favourite MH dolls! lol I love them all really...

Side note: I love how all three of us have Venus pics! :)

Yes! Venus. For me Venus signifies the continuous creatively that monster high developed.

It's just sad I can't, or any of us rather, go to a store and hand pick our dolls. Now we have to find them in thrift shops whilst being beyond played with or pay outrageously online for them. I'm not totally anti-reboot, the movies yes, the losing characters and backstory YES, but the first reboot dolls made were quite nice, it wasn't until later that Frankie had eyes bigger than any anime I've seen and they lost articulation etc. Oh and the hair become cheaper than any china off brand Barbie.


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