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the new playset is out on for a crazy price of $166.00..

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I feel the need to have this.....

i can wait till the price drops off $100...they couldve at least included a new doll or something for this price..and is retail too... It's £149.99 here ($234).

Waaaay too expensive. i mean sure its huge and such, but the size is a factor against it for most people. Who has the space? let alone the money.

It is very expensive but so were Catacombs priced at 149€. My biggest problem is the amount of paper they are using lately in their playsets. And I thought the plastic is as cheap as you can go but there is always a printed paper. Now who wants to argue "Yes, but this is high quality paper!" If you take out all these paper backgrounds this playset will look like a construction formwork or something. They are getting cheaper every year. Same with EAH SS Lizzies book -.- Shoe box with a paper cover. Or better yet Thronecoming Briar book, and that was 80€! Next year we are gettig Ultra Deadluxe playset but that will be much better because it will be DIY origami version. I'm sure someone will be very happy with it but you must admit when people buying less for more then their standarts are lowering.

loving this comment to bits.

it looks really great and I would love to have it but the money and the space might suggest that it's best to leave it for now, I doubt many stores will carry it anyway since it's huge and expensive will not only shelf sit but will take up a lot of shelf space too, Smythes is a big store so they will probably carry it, if it ever lowers in price and gets super cheap I might think about it, but I doubt it will ever get super cheap like £5 or even £10 or £20 the cheapest I think it will get is probably £80 possibly £60 even those prices are too high for a playset that doesn't include dolls, but it does have a lot of good details to it, but I expect it will be available for a long time.

Yeah I can't see the average UK household having any room for this sort of thing. British houses are like freaking shoe boxes.


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