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In regards to Monster High, I would usually say "costumes" versus "cosplay" but this is a special situation. To avoid confusion, I want to make it clear that what I'm talking about has nothing to do with the Party City costumes Mattel officially released for the Halloween season of 2010. For that reason, I will be saying "cosplay".


So been looking through the whole site for anyone else who has had a similar thought and only found a few pictures of people dressed up as Monster High characters and Nessie and Druzzela's videos on their impromtu (yet still very cute) costumes. Has the thought of making MH cosplay ever passed through anyone else's mind before?


I'm a frequent cosplayer and will be dressing up as Cleo with my boyfriend as Deuce at an anime convention this May (FanimeCon for those that are familiar). I will also be making Draculaura and Lagoona for my sisters to dress up with us. I've really been looking forward to pulling it off and can't wait to wear it at the convention to see how many people, if any, know who we are.


I've been thinking about documenting my progress on the costumes through the blogs here. Anyone interested in seeing it? Maybe you can pick up pointers on how to make your own MH cosplays too! ;)


Sorry for the randomness, I just wanted to share my excitement since I recently finished buying nearly all the materials I need for making Cleo's costume (I already have her earrings done) and I started working on Deuce's details, so it's been very fun and exciting for me. :)




*Cosplay is an abbreviation of "Costume Play". It is a popular term used by people who make costumes for characters of Japanese cartoons.

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oh, that would be so awesome! please share your progress with us.
i would so like to see how that turns out! cosplays end up looking better then the costumes in stores. =^.^=

Yeah, actually, my friends and I are cosplaying Monster High at Colossal-con in June. (My sister and I are constant cosplayers too) There's an 80's dance, so we're doing Dawn of the Dance there (with a Frankie, Drauclaura, Ghoulia, and Clawdeen (and possibly a Cleo) so far. Got airbrushing for the skin already, contact lenses, ordering the wigs, and started on the dresses. And then might do regular Lagoona, Draculaura, Ghoulia, Clawdeen and again, possibly Cleo.


And you do have to post pics!  It's great to meet a fellow cosplayer!

Hey guys! Just posted my first blog with cosplay detailings! It's just a start, so don't expect too much. I covered work I did on Deuce's belt and Cleo's shoes. There will be more this week.


Once the blog has been approved by one of our lovely mods, you can check it out here! Or just go to my main page then look at my blog.

My sisters and I actually just debuted our Monster High cosplays over the weekend. We had a Lagoona, Draculaura, and Frankie. :]


That is so cool! Have any photos to share? I'd love to see them! :) What event did you wear them to?

Here's one from Saturday, we had a mishap with Draculaura's skirt so we improvised, and one from Sunday after we got it together. I think that picture was taken after I took off my webbed fingers though, which is a bummer.

We wore them to MegaCon, we weren't really expecting tons of people to recognize us but a lot of people did and they were super excited!

That is super cool! :) I love the little detail of Count Fabulous hanging from Draculaura's umbrella too! :) You guys look fangtastic! ;3 (It makes me laugh that Draculaura is the tallest of your group. :D ) The wigs look very accurate too. I'm very impressed.


How did you pull off Lagoona's shoes?! That's something my sister and I have been trying to figure out to do. We can't quite find the right shoe to work with.


And what did you guys use for your make-up for the skin? It looks really nice! I know Zatanna is going to use air-brush make-up for her's and I've been jumping between using airbrush as well or stage make-up.


Sorry for all the questions! >.<;;;

Thanks! Yeah, we thought it was kinda funny too that she was the tallest, but Draculaura's her favorite character so we didn't want to switch.

For Lagoona's shoe's I found a pair of like platform wedges that were shaped kind of cool, tore the top off and glued a regular flip-flop to it.  Then I basically covered it with foam so it would look flip-floppy since the original shoes were some kind of weird plastic.

For our makeup we used stage make-up, but it was a huge pain to try and get it to look even!  It took us forever to get ready, so for when we wear these costumes again we're definitely airbrushing.  So unless there's a reason you can't airbrush, like airbrush machine's are pretty expensive so that could be a problem, I would go with airbrushing.  It's faster than going the makeup route and once you get the hang of it, it's probably a lot easier too.

I see, I regular platforms...hmm....that's good food for thought! XD


And good to know with the make-up! That was one big concern I had. Another would have to be the make-up rubbing off onto the costumes. Did you have that problem with the stage make-up? My biggest problem with the make-up is being tan enough. I'm very white, too white for Cleo so that's why I've been looking into the airbrushing stuff since I could probably get my hands on a wash-off tan much easier than using a spay-on tan technique or stage make-up. Especially since once I'm out of Cleo, I'd be dressed up as Rapunzel and their skin-tones are on opposite ends of the color spectrum. I need an easy-to-remove make-up.


And I know a lot of people say airbrushing can get expensive, but there are some deals that can be found. I don't know if you've looked around or you own a machine, but I know I'm looking into investing in a Dinair machine. They're the original air-brush make-up company and they have reasonably priced machines. And if you trust ebay enough you can get $50-80 off of what Dinair asks for (I've been looking at their Foundation Deluxe Kit with the little travel airbrush set up) Also, you don't need to go for an actual air-brush make-up machine. There are some hobby airbrush painting machines you can get that do the exact same thing and they're a bit cheaper since they're for hobby painting (like on car models and other models) You just use the makeup paint instead.

That sounds so awesome post up pics!
I think for Cleo the wash-off tan would work fine, but as far as the stage makeup goes they make ones that are tan and they wash off as easily as the rest of the colors. It didn't stain our skin or anything and it stayed off our clothes for the most part, except for areas where there was friction like on Frankie's collar.

We didn't want to buy an airbrush machine just for this because we figured the makeup would work fine and it was less pricey. We looked around and found some cheaper machines, but by the time we thought we should switch it was a week before the convention and we didn't think the new makeup we would need would get to us in time.


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