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Hi everyone -

Just wanted to share the monster high competition that I came across earlier this week. I've posted it somewhere on this forum as well, but thought more people will see it if I post a new discussion as well, as I am sure almost everyone here will be interested in entering!

The competition is here:

All you have to enter is create your own character, like name, type of monster, style, pet etc... and there are two $50 Amazon vouchers to win!!

Good luck all :)

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No offence to the creator of the cloud character, but it was a stupid idea to begin with.

MoNsTeRgIrL♥ said:

Apparently there was a random raffle (someone else won that, but I don';t know what kind of monster it was) and then the next was a poll. The top five were randomly picked. There was an ailean, a cloud, an elf, a phntom, and something else i think... anyway there was a vote and the Cloud won. Her name was Clarissa Cloud >:( The Alien i liked. Her name was Alienna Terrestrial or something like that.... grr

Victoria Niccals said:

Errr... CLOUD character?

Who the heck decided the winner? And how exactly is a cloud a monster?


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