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Yes it has finally happened! Monster High will invade McDonald's locations October 11th! The Happy Meal toys will indeed be 3 thats it 3 BUCKETS for trick or treaters! Featuring of course our favorite ghouls, Frankie, Draculaura, and Clawdeen Wolf! THAT'S IT, NO FIGURES, NO DOLLS, JUST BUCKETS!

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I got a Frankie tonight.  My dad had asked for a girl's pail, they originally went to give him the Angry Birds Star Wars one.  I noticed the handle of that one was the Monster High bat before he gave it back.  They gave me a Frankie with the Star Wars handle.  It's kind of funny in a way.

I got the Frankie one today. I didn't even have to buy it. n_n She gave me one for free.

I'm wondering if next week they put out a new one? I hope so, I want all 3. D:

I can't believe I went by McDonalds yesterday and FORGOT to ask for a bucket.  Ahhhhhh

I got Draculaura on Monday, but she had Frankie's Stickers -_-

Would anybody be willing to give away just their Draculaura stickers? I have the bucket but they gave me Frankie stickers. My bf actually picked me up the Lala bucket so he really didn't know. He's so sweet. n_n

I got two buckets yesterday i got draculaura and clawdeen with correct stickers and handles. I got them with food because they had 2 dollar happy meals.

I am still looking for the Frankie one.

I asked for some Draculaura sticker. :3 Yay! But I still need the Clawdeen bucket. ;~;

One of my co-workers surprised me yesterday morning. She knew I was into MH (we share a love of Disney villains) and left Frankie's bucket on my desk. She didn't get a lid or stickers, so I'll go to McDonalds and see if I can get them. Has it been so long since I've had a McDonalds bucket? I don't recall them being this small.

I have Frankie and Draculaura so this Friday hoping for Clawdeen !!  Yes I think the buckets have gotten smaller, lord knows the fries sure have !!

I got my frankie bucket it came with draculaura stickers since they were out of the frankie ones.

The buckets are a lot smaller then they used to be XD.

Did anyone else notice that all the buckets say made in usa on them?

Is anyone still finding the draculaura bucket? A coworker gave me a Frankie (no stickers) XD so awesome. But we've only been able to find clawdeens at our mc donalds.

Happy to report that I was able to get every character.  I went every Friday since they started, yesterday was Clawdeens.

I like them all equally. Cool graphics and great colors. Yes-I noticed they were made in the USA. Hope everyone got what they were looking for too.


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