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i was thinking about the monster high characters meeting a cyborg student from the future just right after frankie accently trips on her and causes Era Timerider to malfunction , and the ghouls ends up in the future where ( or when) they meet their future kids, Francina Stein , Clawdette /Moony Wolf, Petra Gorgon, Ghoulina Deadovitch , Oceana Webber, Nova Burns , Julia Jekyll, Siren Screams, Rocky/Joanny/Rocksanne Spirit, Punky Steam, and Gora Devin. i would like to see them as adults and these new characters as dolls

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Sounds cool. I'd like to see the current ghouls as their future selves in doll form, would be interesting. Bet if Cleo has a daughter she'd be a total brat her her mother lol

I'd like to see this

This is of course assuming everyone marries the person they dated aged 15/16... which is honestly pretty damn unlikely. I know it's a trope in fiction, but it's SO unrealistic. How many people are even still in contact with people they went to high school with as adults? I know I sure as heck am not.

There's also to me that complicating factor of "how DO undead creatures reproduce?" because you gotta assume Vampires/mummies/zombies/ghosts probably don't do it the conventional way right? I mean, they're undead. Given we know from canon that Draculaura was adopted by dracula (and likely turned), Spectra was once mortal and died and that Frankie and Robecca were "made" not born, I think we can assume not all the pairs would be able to have biological kids barring some sort of magical mcguffin.

Of course, this is thinking far too hard about a kid's cartoon and any semblance of biological accuracy right? lol.


who deleted dissusion?

Yeah a lot of the ghouls were turned from humans into monsters so some of them could even turn others into monsters. They might not even need to marry they could raise the kids by themselves even.


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