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The weird outcast kid from monster high had tricked all your o.c s to hang out in his house. But little did they know he was completely phsycotic and locked you in his basement!! Since he has NO friends and is totally annoying, he wants to keep you there forever!!

You can be your own o.c s..... If you want to be an actual existing character, ask me and I will say yes If they are not already taken.
No cursing ( just put random symbols if you want) but otherwise NO cursing

I am roleplaying as Jackson Jekyll and (crazy) Chad
Please ask if you want to be an actual existing character, if not then act as your o.cs.

Alright peoples! They have already been trapped, the weird kid's name is Chad ( a zombie)

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((...Isn't this the same as that iCarly episode...? ><))
(( YES I love icarly and victorious tooXD yay me. ))
I'll Be Madison Olympus)

Hey!" Madison Yelled Back.

Chad: ((the weirdo)) "HELLO THERE, FRIENDS", he said with a creepy smile on his face "Who want's to play a game?? "

" We have a long, long time to get to know each other...ahahahahahaha" *coughs*

"can we play, like, outside, cause your creeping me out" said Jackson admiring and huge vase colection.

Jackson: ........oops.......

((Oh, I'll be Felica Fright.  She is both one to pity and can be guilable.  XD ))

Felica looked around,"Umm, ok, Chad.  What game do  you want to play?"

"Let's play a game that I call....HEY- wait a minute....What happened to my priceless vase collection!?!?!? Said Chad in frustration.
*walks over to Felicia & Jackson* (who were both standing by the broken pile)
"Fel!" Maddy hissed in her Ear. " He's..He's.. A.. Cr-ee-ee-pp-ee-r!
" were you saying about a game??" Replied Jackson nerviosly as Chad gets closer.
"What? Even if he is, does that mean we can't be nice?!" Felica hissed back.  "So, uh, what game did you want to play? Chad? Hello?" Feica said nervously.
Maddy rolled her eyes. "CHAD!"  She screeched. "Fel Asked you a Question!"
"OKAY Ya DON'T HAVE TO YELL" "were going to play a game called "The Box" Here are the rules.......
Each of you... I mean us, will reach our hands into this black box, you lose if you don't guess what is inside.....
If you lose........ There are concequeces..... can go FIRST...


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