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Just spotted the Boo York Luna Mothews Mouscedes King and Elle Eedee 3pk at

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Love this pack.Thanks for the picture can't wait to see them in the stores.

I'm so glad this 3 pack is coming out.
Although I think I'll wait till black friday for this. $40 is ok but I'd like to see whats the lowest you can get 3 budget looking dolls that come with nothing but a stand.

Stands? What stand? Where did you see they come with a stand?

Well I'm just assuming they do. Almost every doll thats been officially given a price of more than $15 by Mattel comes with a doll stand.

Yay thanks for the heads up.  I snagged me one, been waiting for this pack to come out :)

Is this an exclusive?

I'd like to know that too. Can anyone confirm if this is a Walmart exclusive for sure, or will this pack be widely available?


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