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So everyone here has heard of Scooby Doo right? Well ever noticed how the Scooby Doo movie Ghoul School is pretty similar to Monster High?


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The very first thing I thought of when I heard of MH was Scooby Doo and The Ghoul School, but aside from the basic premise (and some of the same awful puns.) it isn't to simmilier.  At least in my opinion.

Tons of cartoons like this came and went. The concept isn't new at all.
this did cross my mind a few times. ...  i can just picture shaggy with the MH crew,... and tanis scared him,... just think of cleo.

I guess its just Monster High without makeup. 


(Is that how to spell makeup?)

first thing I  thought of too. a little more wholesome that's for sure, since you don't really see a bunch of middle/elementary school age girls wearing short shorts, minidresses and tiny skirts! I guess Phantasma could be like either Ghoulia or Spectra.

Similar concept different execution. Execution is what counts in my book.

best monster based cartoon ever is a tossup between groovey ghoulies and gravedale high!

I'm surprised no one's used a CAM set to create a doll based on the characters from these cartoons yet, some of them fit very well into the Monster High style. And come on, who wouldn't want a doll of a character like Vinnie Stoker? I would pay good money to take home the Vampire version of the Fonz.

Here's some nice art of the Ghoul School girls as teens.

Remedi-boy said:;title;0

minus mini skirts and ultra high heels.


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