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I think aim getting out of monster high its just kinda bordering now
When I first got Into it it was existing

Maybee it's because I don't go on the website anymore the only computer is in the master bedroom up stairs
And my mom uses it to homeschool all 7 of us (on a simply unrelated matter
I finely saved up for a car!! Well I won't be able to drive till I'm 16 but I am 12 years old and I I took an IQ test whoo! I am ready to go to collage!!)
But getting back can someone help my monster high likeing come back please

N. W

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well i fink u should make an oc cos it is fun and it dm if no one but you liek it nd instead of computer u could maybee draw sum pictures 

Are there any characters that really grab your interest? The only characters that are really keeping me with the fandom are Spectra, Operetta, and Draculaura~

I don't no mabye Torilei but they don't have a lot of her
I allready have an OC her name is bruna hazel daughter of witch hazel (fom luney tunes but her daughter is far more pretty)

Don't worry~ I'm sure that they'll release more versions of her- She's already got her own fashion pack! And your OC sounds wicked cute!

Cleo de nile said:

I don't no mabye Torilei but they don't have a lot of her


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