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Hello I have a few dolls that I would like to sale.  I have positive feedback on here.  All prices do not include shipping.  I can only mail on Saturdays and will try to get back with shipping quotes asap.  I will not hold items first one to pay gets it.  I can ship the dolls loose or boxed.  If you want close ups of the dolls faces please send me your email or number via PM and I will get the pics to you sooner.  I am unable to upload pics to the web site from my Ipad. 

I also have a set of the picture day dolls too.  Just let me know if you want any of them.  I have some loose dolls available just not pictured yet.  They will be $3.00 each.  Most are nude and have no accessories.  I will up load pics once I get them all together.

Heat/Abbey Set   $20.00

Slo Mo    $25.00

Draculaura/Clawd Music set  $50.00

Billy   $25.00

Sweet 1600 Clawd  $100.00  Sold

Neighton Rot $21.00

Roller Maze Set $50.00

Kmart Two Pack of Roller Maze Abbey and Ghoulia $15.00

Ghouls Spirit Set $18.00 or $7.00 each

Swim Class Frankie  $10.00 2sold 2  left

Swim Class Rochelle $15.00 2sold 1 left

BW Skull Shores Frankie $ 10.00

Basic Rochelle  $20.00


Basic Robecca  $20.00

Basic Abbey  $20.00

One sold one left

Save Frankie Jackson $25.00

GNO Rochelle  $10.00

GNO Lagoona $10.00

GNO Spectra  $10.00

Scaris Deuce $15.00

Cat Tastrophe  $25.00

Cupid $50.00 Sold

Gilda $20.00


Fearleading set  $75.00

Loose Lagoona $5.00 each 1sold

Loose Cleo $5.00 each

Loose Frankie $3.00

Oasis Cleo $10.00

Party Spectra $15.00

Dead Tired Draculaura and Coffin $15.00

Dot Dead Three Pack  $30.00

Loose nude Abbey, Cleo, Cleo, Frankie, Werecat, Werecat  $3.00 each

DC Lagoona $5.00

Forbitten Love Draculaura $10.00 (missing one earring)

SS Ghoulia  $5.00

Dot Dead Draculaura and Abbey  $8.00 each

SDCC Manny and Iris  $100.00


Raven  $8.00

Maddie  $10.00 1 sold

Cedar  $15.00  1 sold

Cerise  $10.00  1 sold

Ashlynn/Hunter  $20.00

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I am interested in basic Abbey in box. Can you tell me how much shipped to 08054 please.

hey! I will take swim Frankie and Rochelle please send me a friend request.

I will purchase Cupid. Please hold her for me while we work out the details and payment.

i would like  BW Skull Shores Frankie and Gilda

Wondering what Sweet 1600 Clawd would be with shipping to 97003 :)

I am ready to buy Swim Rochelle and Frankie. Friend Request Me please. ty.

ill send you a FR. I am interested in basic rochelle and maybe a loose lagoona

Trading for anything? 

I'm interested in

Basic Abbey  $20.00
Gilda $20.00
Maddie  $10.00

Interested in basic abbey, Rochelle, robecca and Gilda
Basic abbey, Rochelle, robecca, and gilda

I would also like both Werecat

Hi, Would you ship to Australia? I would be very interested in EAH Cedar and Cerise :)


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