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Name: Molly Onryo

Daughter of a Yūrei


Age: 16.. in monster years.


Killer Style: I like to mix sweet Lolita and gothic Lolita the best way I can. But I’m not all about frilly dresses; I also enjoy wearing other Japanese styles. Anything that reminds me of the good old days in Japan.



Freaky Flaw: I take revenge very seriously. I’ve grown up to be the nicest I can be, to avoid being vengeful, but if I do have a vengeful feeling, I take it too far. I can’t help it, I always end up apologizing my eyes out after I’ve done something to hurt someone. I have a couple people that are completely afraid of me right now..  I’m also a bit shy.


 Favorite Color: Black and White, but I love all colors in general. :)


Favorite Food: Cupcakes, they are my favorite treat, and cheer me up whenever I’m upset.



Pet Peeve: When some Monsters are mean to other monsters. I hate even the thought of it, and it just makes me angry. If I ever expirience that, you know what happens.


Favorite Activity: Reading! I like to read comic books, manga, and other things. I also have a love for horror books and movies.



Favorite Subject: Creative Writing, it gives me the chance to express my feelings through poetry.



Least Favorite Subject: Math. It’s just not creative to me, because you have to follow all those rules…




In case you don't know, an Onryo is a vengeful spirit that comes back from the dead because of something awful that happened in it's life. Her parents have a dark past, her mother is an onryo, and her father is a yurei, a ghost in Japanese folklore. Because of this, she's sometimes upset or very angry, but normally remains cheerful and happy. An example of a Yurei:



What do you guys think? Helpful critisism is accepted. And I'm currently working on some pictures of her. :)

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