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Hi!  Does anyone know the answer to these questions:

1. Does the Coffin Bean come with Lagoona's apron

2. Does Ghoulia's Scooter come with the cup with straw

3. Does Draculaura's Powder Room come with the lipstick and heart shaped powder box?

I purchased all 3 sets and was browsing ebay to see if there are other items that are new, ect and I came across pictures/listings of these items, but my sets didn't come with them? 


Thanks in advance for any help!

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I wonder if all the Costco Coffin Beans are missing the apron, then.  I don't have that set yet and can't say.  Kind of a bummer, I love the little extra accessories, but want the exclusive dolls.

Exactly!  You'd think they'd give you a complete set since you do have to pay extra for the doll. 

I have the regular Coffin Bean with just Clawdeen, and that came with the apron.

I don't have the other sets, so I can't answer those questions.

I a,so have the costco set and mine didn't include the apron either. >./body>

Would be possible to get a picture comparison? Maybe someone could post a pic of their exclusive set and the stuff it comes with and someone else can post the stuff in their basic set? It'd be nice to know what else we're not getting.


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