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Hi!  Does anyone know the answer to these questions:

1. Does the Coffin Bean come with Lagoona's apron

2. Does Ghoulia's Scooter come with the cup with straw

3. Does Draculaura's Powder Room come with the lipstick and heart shaped powder box?

I purchased all 3 sets and was browsing ebay to see if there are other items that are new, ect and I came across pictures/listings of these items, but my sets didn't come with them? 


Thanks in advance for any help!

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Ghoulias Scooter does come with the cup and straw.  At least, the version I purchased (the TRU exclusive with the doll and Sir Hoots a Lot) did.

My Draculaura Powder room came with toothpaste, a toothbrush and a heart-shaped perfume container.  It was also the TRU Exclusive version.  The only 'lipstick' with the set is the one printed on the mirror.

Ok, maybe I miss placed my cup and straw, I'll check, thanks! =)


I saw someone selling accessories from the Powder Room and they had a lipstick and heart shaped powder box (but I guess it could be from some other set?  or doll?)


I also saw someone have like 5 aprons for sell (like the one Lagoona wears on the Coffin Bean box)


The Coffin Bean playset includes Lagoona's apron, not sure why yours didn't have it. I'd call Mattel and let them know your sets were missing these things.

Link to the Powder room auction?  I'm curious now because a lipstick isn't even pictured on the box. 

That's funny because I just got off the Mattel Chat with someone from Mattel and they said none of these things come with any of the sets. =P  And I just went to check where I keep my Ghoulia Accessoreis and I found the cup, but no lipstick or powerd thing.  And I double checked the Coffin Bean box and no apron. =P


Here's the link to the lipstick:  (it's so cute)

here too, NIB:

that's annoying if you don't get it with the TRU exclusive. =P

The set without the doll has a few more accessories compared to the TRU set with the doll. Probably to cut down costs or something.

Yeah, looks like they come with the non-doll version. I can vouch that these items did not come with my TRU exclusive version, nor are they pictured on the box. Bummer!

Which version of the Coffin Bean do you have? The Costco one? Maybe that's why the apron is missing?

That's so disappointing, would you happen to know what extra stuff the Scooter comes with. 


I got the exclusives of all 3 sets just because I like to have everything. =P

Yeah, I got the Costco one.

The scooter doesn't seem to come with anything extra in the non-doll version. It just has the drink, backpack, helmet and Sir Hoots helmet on display in the box.

That's really annoying, since they didn't include them, they should at least have them available to purchase or something.  =(




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