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*Color schemes ideas welcome, she is my persona*

Age: Sixteen molts

Monster Parent: Basan, a fifty foot tall ghost fire breathing chicken

Name: Heny

Killer style: Meh, touch of rockabilly and a touch me. Of course some feathers.

Freaky Flaw: I'm said to be to much of a smart alec for my health. Also I molt every year!

Favorite color: I love purples and greens.

Favorite food: Worm sushi.

Pet Peeve: People thinking I'm a cannibal for eating chicken, really?

Favorite activity: I love drawing, but also I show animals, like goats and horses.

Pet: I own a showgirl hen name Ditzy, a sweetheart but not smart.

GFF's: None yet!

Favorite subject: Art class of course.

Least favorite subject: clawacus, ugh.

Age: 15Monster Parent: Arachna

Name: Archie Arachna *Name on chopping block*

Killer style: I like graphic t-shirts, with some leather jackets and combat boots

Freaky flaw: I got six arms and I can't multi task.

Favorite color: Yellows

Favorite food: Fly shakes.

Pet peeve: Being deemed a trouble maker just because of how I dress.

Favorite activity: I'm a big gamer here, so I can spend hours playing my Skullcube.

Pet: I owned a prey mantis... It disappeared one night after a snack attack.

GFF's (In my case Manster instead of Ghoul): Me and Archeros hang out a lot, I also help him hide from Doctor Who fangirl pychopaths, but I digress..

Favorite subject: Does lunch count?

Least favorite subject: Hisstory

Monster parent: Weeping Angels Baby.

Age: Uh, lets stick to 15.

Name: Archeros Weeper

Killer style: Jean jackets, torn legs, and of course wings.

Freaky flaw: The classical eyes and hand problem, but eye contacts and gloves take care most of that.

Favorite color: Pale blue.

Favorite food: I love the youngsters, so full of life.

Pet peeve: Psychotic Doctor Who/Boo fan girls.

Favorite activity: Scaring people of course.

Pet: Does my stalker Cheshira count?
GFF's (In my case Manster instead of Ghoul): Archie for sure, he keeps Cheshira's claws off of me, if it wasn't for him she would most likely finally gotten me dressed up as Doctor Boo/Who.

Favorite subject: Hisstory.

Least favorite subject: PE.

Monster parent: Quilin

Age: 15 summers

Name: Quila Clovenhooves

Killer style: I live to show my love of natures with flower patterns.

Freaky flaw: I have a habit of stepping on peoples feets,tails, other body parts, also I am very shy.

Favorite color: Green like the forests of home.

Favorite food: I love candied violets.

Pet peeve: Those who abuse their abilities to force people to save the ecosystems, it just ruins the cause. *cough* Venus *cough*

Favorite activity: Running free in the forests, and seeing the wonderful colors.

Pet: I own a garden snake, but he has no name.

GFF: Me and Cheshira are sorta friends, but I am many times to shy to really make any, but that minotaur boy and I are getting to know each other.

Favorite subject: Home ick

Least favorite subject: Swim class.

Monster parent(s): Mother was a Ker, father was a male Fury.

Name: Astraera

Age: I'm hitting sweet sixteen soon! But for now 15.

Killer style: Cute battle chic, with weapons everywhere.

Freaky Flaw: I'm allergic to red meat, annoying in a house of carnivores.

Favorite color: Pink! With a touch of purple.

Favorite food: Can't have red meat but I can eat lobster! 

Pet peeve: Those who hate cross species marriage, isn't MH about accepting flaws?

Pet: Uh... Like Ophion pets do not last long here.

GFF: I like being friends with everyone.

Favorite Activity: Lurking in the fabric store.

Favorite subject: Fashion 101.

Least favorite subject: I'll have to say home ick.

Monster parent: I'm the nephew on the minotaur, not the son, si?

Name: Tarurus Toro

Killer style: Red to tick off the cousins and mazes.

freaky flaw: My hooves make getting pants hard at times.

Favorite color: Red.

Favorite food: I love eating shrimp fajitas.

Pet peeve: Being stuck living with my stupid cousin and uncle, yesh they are bullies!
Pet: I have a pet cat, named her spotty as a calf.

GFF's (In my case Manster instead of Ghoul): Me and Ophion hang out a lot, but after having Quila stepping on my tail I am sorta hanging out with her too.

Favorite Activity:I like gaming actually.

Favorite subject: Okay, Fashion 101. What?

Least favorite subject: Biteoliogy.


Monster parent: Eryule (SP)

Age: 17

Name: Ophion Gorgon

Killer style: I like leather, it goes with my wings

Freaky flaw: I have wings and a lisp due to my tusks. Also scaring me is bad for your health, my sonic scream has a habit of killing hearing

Favorite color: Red man.

Favorite food: Mice burgers.

Pet peeve: I'm a ROMAN gorgon, not a demon!

Pet: Uh... Pets equal midnight snacks here.

GFF's (In my case Manster instead of Ghoul): Taurus and I hang out, but he been starting to favor that odd Centaur. Then again me and Heny have sorta started to hang out since that crash.

Favorite Activity: Drawing course.

Favorite subject: I love art class

Least Favorite subject: I HATE Science class!

*Forgot her!*

Monster parent: The Cheshire Cat of coourse.

Name: Cheshira Shire

Age: Lets stick to 16 k?

Killer style: Purely me, with of course fish nets and bow ties... bowties are cool.

Freaky flaw: A certain person says I have a bit of OCD and stalking tendencies as if..

Favorite color: Aqua greens.

Favorite food: Phone box cookies.

Pet peeve: I do not stalk Acheros!

Pet: I I have a K-9, does that count?

GFF's: Me and Quila hang a lot, but I normal do my own things.

Favorite activity: Learning new stuff about Doctor Boo/Who

Favorite subject: Invisible training class, duh!

Least favorite subject: PE, I can't poof when the ball heads my way.

Monster parent: A Leshy

Name: Gedeon Leshak

Age: 15... I think.

Killer style: Shreds, wolfs and natural.

Freaky Flaw: I can be a terrible flirt at times, just like dad... But at least I don't kidnap ghouls.

favorite color: I love silver, like wolf pelt silver.

Favorite food: I like the energy of the Oak tree. Though eating eating wise I like cocoanut cake and coffee.

Pet Peeve: Nymphs, they like to steal my jacket and shirt, not all of us run nude in the woods ya know!

Pet: Luna my wolf pup, such a sweetie.

GFF's (Er, manster in my case): Me and Dyani hang out every once and while since she saved my shirt from them >.>

favorite subject: hisstory, if we don't learn it we are curse to repeat it!

Favorite Activity: I enjoy walking the forest, with my clothing thank you.

Least Favorite subject:Home ick. Fire...Fire evil..

*Pic to be posted, she is in the works*

Monster parent: Delgeth

Name: Dyani Horns

Freaky Fashion: layers with skulls and blood :3

Freaky Flaw: I can be, special when hungry, which seems to be all the time >.< Also I have a habit of being a smart aleck, which is bad when its to the teacher... Very.

Favorite color: I honestly like purple.

Favorite food: I may be a carny but I like Tuna shashimi (SP)

Pet peeve: I am not a freaking centaur! Yeash! There are more then one type of 'centaur'! *stares at Quila*

GFF'S; I hang out with Gedeon right now, but then again I am picky on friends.

Favorite Activity: Minus eating? I am actually highly artistic, which can also lead to trouble.

Favorite subject: Home ick... Mmm food.

Least favorite subject: Clawcus, what a bore!

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