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Some of you may have seen my home-made monster known as a mirror demon running around, such as my Mirall and Espella Meeros. If you haven't, here's your chance. I was off school sick the other day and spend a good half hour coming up with this nonsense. Should it make any sense, you be the judge of that. (And I wrote it in my fancy style where it sounds like a college thesis)

Inspired by Frank Beddor's Looking Glass Wars saga. And traits inspired from Skulduggery Pleasant's remnants.


            Mirror demons, also known as reflection demons and other variants, are spirit-like creatures that possess no noticeable personality traits, nor a physical appearance. In this form, they can be indistinguishable from light, or be seen as a holograph-like shimmer. They cannot exit their home. Their realm, the Crystal Continuum, is a separate world that is entered through a mirror. In Wonderland, the Continuum is used for travel.

            Physical mirror demons are formed when the spirit joins with a Host. This usually happens when an unwilling person is pulled into the Continuum without knowing. After they are joined together, there is a maximum four days of the demon being unstable, and the nonphysical being can be removed. After this, the joining is permanent. The Host remains mostly unchanged, with exceptions of the Mirror Demon’s powers.

            The physical appearance of a mirror demon varies. They normally look completely human, except with unusual hair and eye colours. This is caused by the non-physical being having similar properties to light and can take on any colour in the visible spectrum. The human’s hair and eye colours may stay the same, but can change. This can occur in a time range from minutes to days.

            Non-human looking mirror demons have not been encountered. If they have been, not recorded.

            Hereditary mirror demons have been encountered, between humans and mirror demons. The offspring of humans and mirror demons usually have powers, not as powerful as a full demon though.  Here’s an explanation:


100% Mirror demon (joined human and mirror demon, mirror demon/mirror demon offspring) – Fluent mirror travel, able to phase through most reflective surfaces, able to be pulled unwillingly into the Crystal Continuum, unusually coloured hair and eyes.

75% Mirror demon (mirror demon/half mirror demon offspring) – Fluent mirror travel, able to phase through most mirrors (not all reflective surfaces, but able to phase through smaller mirrors and such), able to be pulled into the Crystal Continuum, unusually coloured hair and eyes.

50% Mirror demon (mirror demon/human offspring) – Fluent mirror travel, able to phase through most mirrors, unusually coloured hair and eyes.

25% Mirror demon (half mirror demon/human offspring) – Fluent mirror travel, unusually coloured hair and eyes.


            All beings, except full mirror demons, can be joined with the non-physical beings and can then become full mirror demons. In Wonderland, there are those gifted with Imagination, and they are more difficult to join with. The spirit can be forced out of the person with no chance for it to become permanent. Imagination-gifted Mirror Demons are not unheard of, however.

            Full mirror demons and ¾ mirror demons are able to be ‘pulled’ into the Crystal Continuum. They have to make sure at all times they’re near a mirror to not phase in too quickly, or to let themselves get distracted. When a mirror demon is pulled into the Crystal Continuum, their physical appearance is changed. They can be changed mentally as well, but this is less common. Same for cases where both physical and mental changes happen.


Written by Isolde White Cap. Information provided by the Meeros family, with aid from Library of the Heart Palace of Wonderland.


And, that's that. Any questions?


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It actually made sense, BY GOD THAT'S AMAZING!

Mirror Demons will forever be awesome. That is all I may say. 


Good to know. ~Noms my chocolate truffles~

With this theory, this means Alyss was turning into a Mirror Demon while her time as an Alyssian. /random.

They are just awesome. :3


Glad I accomplished it so well :3

I've got a little backstory for her, but it's a tad on the longer side. ^^;

You have and MORRREEEEE.

Backstories on the longer side are good. It means you've thought out the character. Maibe's, for example, is rather long. Well, because she's lived a long time XD


Alyss's is rather long since there's so many stages to her story. She goes from 9 all the way to her current age of 16 and a half.

Let us celebrate with some teaaa!

Espi's isn't all that long, and rather simple. But it shows how she's lived from the 1800s.

Already beat ya. I was drinking tea before that XD

Alyss has lived from the 1800's and up to the present, too.

Bwahahahaha, I had tea since I got home from school. X3

I has some Earl Grey right now. :3

Mmhmm. I have in mind that time is much slower in the Mirror verse than in the real world. Hense why she's her current age and not much older.

I'm not fond of Earl Grey. I prefer English breakfast.

Twas what I was thinking. ^^;

English Breakfast's my second favourite kind of tea. 

Makes sense. Didja know that if the earth's life was transcended into a year, humans would only be two seconds?

My second favorite is lemon. Very fruity.


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