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It's that time of the school year. You know, that one with the field trips, and the most classic field trip of them all, the local museum. It's all going hunky dory when you decide to round up a group of friends and go exploring on your own, intending to meet up with the school group later. You wander around, and find a hall of artwork that doesn't appear on any of the maps. The artwork is disorienting too, a few pieces resembling you and your friends. When you reach the end of the hall, BLINK! The lights go out. There's sounds of scuffling, and it all goes downhill from there.

((If you must know, I drew some inspiration from the Kouri game "Ib" for this. Because that game is amazing and my current interest. Maybe with some Night at the Museum tossed in because that's better known))



Maddy the 13th Doctor

Felica Fright






And anyone who I talk too/RP with regularly. If you are one of these people and do not appear on this list, feel free to ask.

All basic rules apply.

Mild swearing, RP with as many OCs as you can handle, yadda yadda. And have fun.

For the moment, I'll be Seraphina Sorrows, my resident mute weeping angel. Possibly Espella, I've been having fun exploring her character.

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Seraphina nodded, turning away from Alyss and peering around a corner. Just another one of those headless statues in a poofy dress. She knew better than to brush it off, of course, and skirted around it.

Espella brushed past the paintings. Suddenly, there was a the sound of shattering glass, and one of the Lady in Reds jumped off of the wall. "Again..." She half sighed, having just enough time to pull off her heels and duck around a corner. A Lady in Blue jumped off of the wall there, and clawed its way towards her.

Alyss had peered around the same corner after Seraphina, but ducked behind it when she heard the shattering of glass as Espella did. She tried to remain as quiet as possible as she started walking away from the living paintings.

Willow was quiet as she followed, scampering down the hall on her tip toes as quiet as she possibly could.

Agatha did not hear the shattering of glass, nor the clawing of the living paintings. She was too busy finding a door and trying to pick the lock to it to see what lied on the other side to hear the other mishaps of the group. The unlit cigarette dangled out of her mouth as she tried to find the raking angle of the lock.

((Agatha gets a long paragraph in her lone adventure in the other hall. Yay?))

A door! Espella saw it out of the corner of her eye and scampered towards it. It wouldn't budge, but there was something like an electronic buzzer next to it. The writing said, "How many paintings of Ladies are in this room?" She set her mouth, glancing over her shoulder to make sure none of them were coming.

Seraphina came up behind her, making Espella jump. She was sure she'd paced the room, seeing four doors, all with passwords. '14,' she wrote on her notebook.

"Hm," Willow said to herself. It wasn't a proper sentence, but she was thinking right now. She knocked on the door. Wood. It was definitely real.

Alyss looked around. "Hey...anyone know where the pesky dragonfly is?" She asked the group, her bottom lip somewhat jutted out.

Agatha, of course, was in another hallway, scouting for more 'Lady siblings'. She came upon one in about five minutes. All the Ladies were dancing in one huge picture that was titled, "The Dance of Colour."

The door clicked open, and Espella walked in. It was small, and had a bookshelf off to one side. A poster hung on the wall, advising visitors not to damage displays. Otherwise, there was nothing else in there. She pulled a book off of the shelf. Pictures of gallieries. Another held a list of works by some artist she couldn't pronounce the name of. She sighed and set it back on the shelf.

'Maybe there's a certain book that unlocks one of the other rooms?' Seraphina scribbled. She glanced out the door to see of she could spot Agatha to no avail.

Willow was grinning at the sight of books. Usually it didn't matter what type of book, she just loved them. The smell of freshly bound leather. The crinkle of the pages. The sharpness of the words. Everything. "I'll search for it, Seraphina, dear." With that, she made her way to the bookshelf and started her search.

Alyss sat on the floor, just resting her feet. Even though she wore them, the shoes that were 'in style' at MH were death traps. She took off her normal dirt covered boots and traded them for some nice and flat converse. She put the death traps into her backpack.

Agatha studied the new painting thoughtfully for a couple minutes. She finally nodded and decided to go after the group. But something stopped her. It was the tearing of canvas and the screeching of nails on the floor she heard as she walked down the dark hallway.

((The things I think to write when I read John Green.))

Espella sank against the wall. "I'm going to need to sleep for a good few days after this," she sighed just as there was the distant click of a door unlocking.

'Guessing you pulled the right book,' Seraphina tried, pushing over the door. Standing on the other side of it was the headless statue from earlier, letting out an inhuman growl. She slammed the door shut again. 'New plan: Find a way out of here that does not include that thing.'

Agatha had found another door on the other side of the small hallway. She jammed through, slammed it shut, and put a chair by the doorknob. She fell onto the floor with heavy breathing and her dragonfly wings wilted.

Willow looked towards Agatha, shut the book she was reading, and asked, "Please don't tell me you've found another living painting?" She looked anxious to know the answer, but she was pretty paitent.

Alyss studied the door Seraphina slammed. "Your cousin finally showed up." She grinned deviously but it was still a not-serious grin.

Crap, is it too late to join?

((If you can think of a way to fit your OC in, be my guest.))

Seraphina sighed, running one gloved hand through her hair. The room was getting too small. Her eyes found something on the wall. A corner of the poster was peeling up ever so slightly. She tugged at it, and tore it off. A button!

A section of the wall opened outwards, leading into another hall. How...convenient. Espella surveyed it. They'd walked down this way before, she was pretty sure.

Willow sighed, pulling a strand of her hair behind her ear. "I suppose I'll go first? Yes? Okay," She asked/determined. She walked through the small cluster of the group and down the hall a little ways.

Alyss followed, slinging her backpack over her shoulder. "Oh yes, this is so much fun." It was hard to tell if she was being sarcastic or not.

Agatha followed last, hovering her way around the hallway. She was pretty quiet and didn't touch anything. Strange. Agatha was always about loudness and using her hands to annoy things.

And the TARDIS.))


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