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It's that time of the school year. You know, that one with the field trips, and the most classic field trip of them all, the local museum. It's all going hunky dory when you decide to round up a group of friends and go exploring on your own, intending to meet up with the school group later. You wander around, and find a hall of artwork that doesn't appear on any of the maps. The artwork is disorienting too, a few pieces resembling you and your friends. When you reach the end of the hall, BLINK! The lights go out. There's sounds of scuffling, and it all goes downhill from there.

((If you must know, I drew some inspiration from the Kouri game "Ib" for this. Because that game is amazing and my current interest. Maybe with some Night at the Museum tossed in because that's better known))



Maddy the 13th Doctor

Felica Fright






And anyone who I talk too/RP with regularly. If you are one of these people and do not appear on this list, feel free to ask.

All basic rules apply.

Mild swearing, RP with as many OCs as you can handle, yadda yadda. And have fun.

For the moment, I'll be Seraphina Sorrows, my resident mute weeping angel. Possibly Espella, I've been having fun exploring her character.

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"Moving paintings isn't exactly unheard of," Espella pondered. "But things falling out of paintings is."
((Sorry, short answer))
"Certain places, mostly realms of the Fae. It can seem rather natural. I have snacked on pastel fruit before," Agatha said.

"Alyss," Willow said, out of nowhere, turning around. "Are you okay?"

Alyss stood up, nodding, but she still had her back to the group. "I'm fine, yeah."

'We should keep walking,' Seraphina wrote. 'We'll never find a way out of here otherwise.' She checked the map on the wall from earlier, but it was completely different from earlier. Warped, even.

Espella walked up to the painting of a dark haired lady, one she saw earlier. Now, she had a chance to read the plaque. Lady in Red. It peered at her with burgundy eyes, hands folded peacefully in her lap. But there was something more sinister about it than it was before. It looked almost... human.

"Yeah, definitely some monstery stuff," Willow remarked, mostly to herself.

"Alyss, get over or we're leaving you behind," Agatha said impatiently.

Alyss finally got up and walked back over to the group. 'Starting to regret this,' She thought, fingering her blue streak, a habit that some how returned. Probably because she was nervous.

On the floor in front of the painting, a tiny object glittered. Not a shard of her mirror, Espella saw, but didn't get a close enough look before she saw them leaving, and trotted away from the painting.

A door was at the end of the hall. It was a simple door, the type you see in museums if they have doors. It was also a door that wasn't there when Seraphina was last here.

As she made her way towards the door that appeared, Alyss blew on the witchlight, making it glow brighter and give off more light. In turn, everything appeared just a bit clearer.

Willow started mumbling to herself, something along the lines of "bloody monster-y stuff" could be heard if you were listening close enough.

Agatha was at the back of the group, hovering along like a dragonfly, much like her wings would give off. She was quiet until she got to the door, when the group reached it, she started laughing.

EBB and Amanda gave up hope, and began exploring the dark halls full of eerie art.

((Dear Lord. Writing block. Dang it.))

((Aha, sorry for not replying. I apparently have a life now XD))

Everything seemed to be holding its breath as Seraphina tried the door.The knob responded by not turning. Locked. There was a universal sigh.

"This is the part where we have to shrink to get through it, isn't it?" Espella wondered sarcastically. But something lit up in her mind. A locked door. Didn't she see a key back there?

((No! Anything but a life!))
"Willow, hairpin, now," Alyss said, holding out her hand expectantly.

Willow roller her eyes, pulling the hair pin that was holding her bangs back and handing it over to Alyss.

Agatha grinned. "Ooh, this'll be interesting." The Fae sounded sarcastic and serious at the same time, it was hard to tell what type of tone she was using.

While they worked on picking the lock, Espella wandered silently away. Down the hall, back to the Lady in Red painting. Just like she thought, the key was still on the ground. But why was it here? She bent down to pick it up, but heard something like tearing canvas. Knowing that that couldn't mean anything good, she grabbed the key, and began to back back down the hall. She kept her eyes on the painting. Was that hand reaching out before?

Seraphina's head jerked to the telltale sound of heels on marble. She turned to see Espella running down the hall, chased by what looked to be a woman crawling halfway out of a picture frame.

Willow also turned at the sound of running footsteps. "Oh look, it's coming after us. Great," She said, sarcastically of course.

Alyss stood up, kicking the door open. "Got it! Now c'mon, I know there is a painting chasing us and I would NOT like to know what happens if we get caught."

Before Alyss could even enter, Agatha zoomed past her like a runaway dragonfly who just escaped a spider web's sticky clutches.

((But the door is only supposed to be unlocked by the ke-- Okay... D:))

Where's a mirror when you need one? Espella thought, shoving into the room after everyone and locking the door behind her. She heard the painting banging and clawing at it, but it didn't open. Despite herself, she fell to her knees, gasping for breath. It wasn't really exhaustion that caused it, she was physically fit from ice skating, but shock.

Seraphina looked around the room. It was very blue, she observed. The walls, floor, and even paintings all were coloured various shades of it. The passage led to two rooms branching off on either side.


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