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It's that time of the school year. You know, that one with the field trips, and the most classic field trip of them all, the local museum. It's all going hunky dory when you decide to round up a group of friends and go exploring on your own, intending to meet up with the school group later. You wander around, and find a hall of artwork that doesn't appear on any of the maps. The artwork is disorienting too, a few pieces resembling you and your friends. When you reach the end of the hall, BLINK! The lights go out. There's sounds of scuffling, and it all goes downhill from there.

((If you must know, I drew some inspiration from the Kouri game "Ib" for this. Because that game is amazing and my current interest. Maybe with some Night at the Museum tossed in because that's better known))



Maddy the 13th Doctor

Felica Fright






And anyone who I talk too/RP with regularly. If you are one of these people and do not appear on this list, feel free to ask.

All basic rules apply.

Mild swearing, RP with as many OCs as you can handle, yadda yadda. And have fun.

For the moment, I'll be Seraphina Sorrows, my resident mute weeping angel. Possibly Espella, I've been having fun exploring her character.

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Espella's eyes darted around, and she clutched her choker tightly in one hand. She caught sight of a painting on the wall when the flashlight beam went over it. "Wait, Alyss," she announced, walking towards it. "Shine the light on this."

Recalling that she too had a flashlight in her pocket, Seraphina fished it out of her shorts. It had a near dead battery, of course. She mainly used it for a snack when she needed a bit of a pick me up*, but it turned on nonetheless.

((*Pfft, this is really lame. But you know how Weeping Angels can drain light energy in order to not be seen? I think that they get just the tiniest bit of energy from it. As I said, lame.))

((But it's sorta cleverrrr. D: ))
Alyss stopped, turned around and went over to the painting. She held up her charm in hoping to get a better look at it. "Willow, you may want to see this. Kinda up your ally."

Willow stuck out her lower lip. "Rather crowed over there, you sure?"

"Hello?!" EBB began yelling.

Amanda wrapped her hand around EBB's mouth. "Shush."
"Hhmlp!" EBB's voice was completely muffled.


((Lol. Short one, sorry.))

Seraphina spun towards the noise, but saw nothing in her scan of the shadows. She, unsure, turned back to the painting.

It was a rather sinister painting, Espella found. It was in a very soft style, almost cartoonish. It showed dolls, all yarn hair and button eyes, spinning in a circle. The one closest had it's head partially turned towards them. She wasn't sure what unnerved her about it until she realized who they resembled. Two gray dolls, and two dolls with white yarn hair. It was titled, "Yarn and Thorns."

((Just so you know, this painting is only one of them. The one painting where the lights go out will be later.))

"Dolls," Alyss muttered after a a period of silence. "it had to be dolls?" 

"A little unnerved, are we, Alyss?" Willow asked, leaning a little over the group to get a quick look at the painting. "Looks like it was made in the 19th century, around the Victorian Era, if I've analyzed correctly."

'I got Elizabethan,' Seraphina wrote, looking the painting over. Was it just her, or were those stitched smiles getting creepier the longer she looked at them?

Espella shrugged off the shiver coming down her spine and continued walking. "No good to dawdle on it. We need to finish looking around before noon." But that didn't help. The paintings just got stranger and stranger the more she walked. They also began to resemble them more than just the dolls. Espella's likeness pricking her finger on a rose... Seraphina's stuck in an hourglass...

Alyss continued on, holding the charm up and walking by it's glow. She didn't say a word for a while.

Willow finally stopped at one painting and bit her lip. She was silent. Not a sound aside from her breathing came from her.

Hmm? Seraphina saw Willow stop and walked up behind her to see the painting better. Her mouth quirked when she saw what it was.

"Why did I think this was a good idea again?" Espella wondered to herself just as she reached the end of the hall. She was almost relieved when she saw that it turned a corner. And led down a staircase. Instead, she sighed heavily.

"Now then, more than a coincidence isn't it?" Willow said in reply to the rather disturbing portrait in front of her.

"Oh, goodie, more stairs," Alyss said, sarcastically, if you couldn't tell. "We should wait, the two statues are still back there."

'Obviously,' Seraphina wrote. 'I just want to get out of here before they start moving without us looking.' She added this with a humorous grin, trying to lighten the mood.

"Statues?" Espella asked, before she got it. She sheepishly added, "Oh. Seraphina and Willow! I thought to meant actual statues." My, she felt slow.

"Oh oh oh, I see what you did there," Willow said with a small laugh. "Well, shall we?"

"No, no statues yet. But maybe the angels will make them into their brethren," Alyss grinned.

Seraphina grinned and skipped ahead, now trying her best to ignore the paintings to save her own good mood.

"Heh," Espella tried with a strained smile. At the end of the hall, in the centre of the wall, was a great mosaic. It was made with fine watercolour strokes, all bright and bold colours. "'A World without Truth,'" she read off of the plaque. "'Without truth, we all live in lies. However nice they seem, they wither away into husks eventually.' Well, isn't that cheerful." Just as the lights went out completely, flashlights included..


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