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It's that time of the school year. You know, that one with the field trips, and the most classic field trip of them all, the local museum. It's all going hunky dory when you decide to round up a group of friends and go exploring on your own, intending to meet up with the school group later. You wander around, and find a hall of artwork that doesn't appear on any of the maps. The artwork is disorienting too, a few pieces resembling you and your friends. When you reach the end of the hall, BLINK! The lights go out. There's sounds of scuffling, and it all goes downhill from there.

((If you must know, I drew some inspiration from the Kouri game "Ib" for this. Because that game is amazing and my current interest. Maybe with some Night at the Museum tossed in because that's better known))



Maddy the 13th Doctor

Felica Fright






And anyone who I talk too/RP with regularly. If you are one of these people and do not appear on this list, feel free to ask.

All basic rules apply.

Mild swearing, RP with as many OCs as you can handle, yadda yadda. And have fun.

For the moment, I'll be Seraphina Sorrows, my resident mute weeping angel. Possibly Espella, I've been having fun exploring her character.

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"Still, this one's eyes follow you even more," Alyss said to Seraphina after reading a little of her notebook. "Like it actually has some eyes."

Willow tugged one of her grey curls. "I have a feeling we may want to catch up, we're falling behind from the group and I wouldn't like to get lost in a museum with some creepy paintings thank you very much."

Seraphina spun to see the school group turn a corner, and then again to check the schedule she'd jotted in her notebook. Lunch at noon. She checked her watch: nine o'clock. 'Well, there's a map on the wall over there. We'll meet up with them at lunch and if the teachers asked where we were, we could say we got lost. Not a complete lie, I suppose.'

"This sounds like a bad idea," Espella said, more to herself. "What if we get caught?" She wrung her hands. "It would be much easier to just catch up with them."

((I know I've never roleplayed with you, but could I possibly join? If you say no, I understand.))

((Sure, Amanda. You can join.))

"You may if you wish, but I would like to look at these paintings. Not much creeps me out, but this does," Willow said, her long fingers playing with another strand of her curly hair.

"Plus hearing the tour guide is just boring," Alyss added in, slipping her hands into her jean pockets. "I wouldn't mind going on a little misadventure."

((Oh, probably! We're not that far along. We're about to go exploring, so either your OC(s) could run into them after the fact, or catch up before we do, your choice.))

'Aw, c'mon, Espi,' Seraphina wrote. 'We'll probably see more than they'll see anyhow. If there's a worksheet or something, we'll wing it.' She smiled and gave a humorous flick to one of her wings.

Espella looked between the three of them, and sighed, fingering the small charm on her choker. "Fine. But if we get caught..." She didn't finish, eyes turning to Vannie. "The group is just up there, around the corner." She gestured up the hall, not disclosing that they were sneaking off.

Willow giggled. "We won't get caught, dear," She said. "You do remember Alyss' background, yes?"

Alyss rolled her eyes. "I don't think anyone wants to hear about that right now, Grey." She patted her friend's head. "Where do you think we should start?"

Willow shrugged in reply, trying to flatten out her sometimes untamable curls.

Seraphina searched the hall. They were on the second floor, and a few others branched from it. Her eyes found an entrance that she hadn't seen walking up, right next to the staircase to the first floor. She pointed at it in the universal "let's go over there" gesture.

Espella furrowed her brow, seeing it. "I didn't see that before," she said undoubtfully.

"Strange," Willow said, raising her eyebrows. "It seemed to appear out of nowhere, probably not really but still."

Alyss shrugged. "Sometimes, strange can be fun," She grinned, walking towards the staircase without another thought.

The stair way was pretty dark, with no lights on the ceiling. Espella ran her hands along the wall to feel where she was going. Her heels tottered slightly on the narrow steps, but she managed.

The hall wasn't much better. It had maybe one or two lights every few feet or so, casting pools of light onto the floor.. Seraphina didn't mind, and trotted ahead, fixing her glasses as she did so.

Alyss fished for her necklace, pulling out the small-ish charm on it and holding it up. It cast a dim glow, letting her see a little better than before. "This is," She remarked, continuing along.

Willow pursed her lips, saying nothing and trotting along in silence.

((I will be Amanda and EBB. Unfortunately I don't have a picture for EBB yet, but she has short black hair, Jack Skellington Stitches on her face, a straight jacket with the arms loose, jean shorts, and black socks. Amanda is on my profile.))

Amanda stood in the corner, with her large dragon wings wrapped around her new friend EBB. "What the heck is going on?" EBB's muffled voice seeps through Amanda's wings.

"All I know is, is that it was all normal, and then the light went black. Now, we're trapped." Amanda replied.

EBB's head jerked to the side.

"Wha-" Amanda began to say, but was rudely interupted by EBB.
"Shhh." EBB whispered. She could hear other people.


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