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It's that time of the school year. You know, that one with the field trips, and the most classic field trip of them all, the local museum. It's all going hunky dory when you decide to round up a group of friends and go exploring on your own, intending to meet up with the school group later. You wander around, and find a hall of artwork that doesn't appear on any of the maps. The artwork is disorienting too, a few pieces resembling you and your friends. When you reach the end of the hall, BLINK! The lights go out. There's sounds of scuffling, and it all goes downhill from there.

((If you must know, I drew some inspiration from the Kouri game "Ib" for this. Because that game is amazing and my current interest. Maybe with some Night at the Museum tossed in because that's better known))



Maddy the 13th Doctor

Felica Fright






And anyone who I talk too/RP with regularly. If you are one of these people and do not appear on this list, feel free to ask.

All basic rules apply.

Mild swearing, RP with as many OCs as you can handle, yadda yadda. And have fun.

For the moment, I'll be Seraphina Sorrows, my resident mute weeping angel. Possibly Espella, I've been having fun exploring her character.

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((Yay. :'D
I suppose I'll be Willow and Agatha...aside from that maybe Alyss, it's been TOO LONG.))

((Hurray! I'll have to wait for a few more people to arrive before the show begins.))

((Okie dokie. Can't wait to start though!))

((Poke. I don't want this to die before it's ever lived XD))

((Well, we could start before that happens. That might help. XD))

((XD Sure. Might as well.))

((I could start if asked if nessacary, but I suck at starters. XD))

((Sure, MTW. This RP needs more people anyhow XD And I'll start. Still with the school group, daytime))

Espella had surely seen enough art in her time. Her house was filled with it, her parents collected it, et al. But she just couldn't see enough of what was in the gallery. It was one of those small, out of the way ones that housed works from unknown artists. It was just so... different than what she had seen.

The students' shoes made echoing steps in the vast hall as they were herded in. Their guide's voice droned harmoniously in a way that Seraphina couldn't understand any of the words. She clutched her notebook in hand, to jot down anything or if asked a question. It would be awfully convenient to loose it and play various rounds of "Seraphina says" in order to communicate.

Alyss walked along, Willow at her side. Willow was rather busy reading her book rather than paying attention to any of the art on the museum's walls. She'd seen about half a dozen been painted in her time traveling misadventures.

Alyss, however, was somewhat intruiged with the various painting styles. Rather than listen to the guide, she listened in to her own thoughts. Her mind was always raging with ideas, it usually kept her entertained when there was nothing else to do.

"What do you think of that one?" Espella asked quietly, falling into step with Alyss and pointing at a portrait of a dark haired lady. It was one of the more realistic paintings, and something about the eyes unnerved her. They almost seemed to be moving. But, then again, weren't most realistic portraits like that?

Being mute helped Seraphina notice things a lot more. Talking distracted so much, as did thinking about what to say. But not being able to talk removed that distraction. She paused briefly to look at a painting of a very simplistic figure in a realistic environment. It had a very "out of place" effect. But then she noticed the group was moving on, and rushed to catch up. But she caught, out of the corner of her eye, the figure in the picture move slightly. But it was gone almost as quickly as it took for her to register it.

Alyss noticed Espella's question instantly, her ears had gotten used to Espella's soft voice. "Looks like someone I met back home. Who, I dunno." She shrugged, but leaned in closer to Espella. "I don't know about you, but I feel like it's watching me."

Willow walked along quietly on Alyss' other side. "Probably a very good impression of realism, or just some strange monster-y stuff," She said, not looking up from her book.

Seraphina, overhearing this, came up on the three and showed what she'd scrawled on her notebook. 'Doesn't everyone get that feeling about realistic portraits? Their eyes always seem to follow you.' She shoved her glasses up the bridge of her nose.

Reading off of Seraphina's notebook, Espella shrugged. "I've seen my fair share of portraits and had a few done myself, but none of them catch that sort of look," she tried.


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