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Hey Michiganders.....


Lets keep our fellow collectors informed of where we can catch the latest dolls.


FYI: Target in Livonia (CAM Blob/Ice and Mummy Gorgan)

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The Ghouls Down Under are hitting the TRU shelves soon, can we keep each other posted.  I just ordered from Amazon the two-headed ghoul, but the other new ones where back up to $50.   

Just a heads up.  Found the Brand Boo Students and the Great Scarrier Reef "deluxe" dolls at my local Walmart last night. (Big Rapids)  They had a HUGE pallet display of them, that appears like they JUST got that day.  All were there minus the three "basic" Scarrier Reef dolls (Lagoona, Frankie and Toralei)  They were priced at $18.84 as well.

Wow!  We made it all the way to the 6th page.  Well I think it is time to reinvigorate the Michigan thread!  I will admit, I have been purchasing several of my dolls on Amazon lately.  Why? I just tired of waiting on new dolls to hit our shelves.  Understanding that it is a gamble when you are a face monitor.  But I am happy to say, no wonky face dolls from Amazon.  However, I do find myself in several of my old stomping grounds (TRU, Walmart, Target, Big Lots) just to see what was on the shelves.  I am happy to report that the TRU in Westland has the Fierce Rockers Sets (the 2 and 3 packs).  Currently all MH is 20% off, so happy hunting.....if you still do it! :)


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