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Hey Michiganders.....


Lets keep our fellow collectors informed of where we can catch the latest dolls.


FYI: Target in Livonia (CAM Blob/Ice and Mummy Gorgan)

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Check your local TRU, I was able to pick up both the new 3 pack and 2 pack.

Check your local Meijer stores.  Mine are doing their resets and I got Amanita last night and they had the Ever After Spring  Unsprung dolls.

Hey Michigan!! I just wanted to rejunivate our sighting link. Since my focus has been in school, I have not had a chance to venture to my favorite MH stores. Has anyone seen anything? To complete my Haunted series, I still need Spectra and Rochelle......any leads would be appreciated. Thanks and Happy Hunting

Making my daytrip in from southern Ontario, near the end of the month.

I would love to hear what's on shelves from Port Huron to Detroit, if anyone has insight.  ^_^ TIA

Hello everyone! I spotted the Cleo & Deuce 2pk at TRU Sterling Heights. They also had Luna and Elle from the Boo York line.  Mousecedes was already gone.  My intent was to get the Cleo and Deuce packk but, Cleo's eyes were just too wonky.  I was hoping for the Iris Clops I Love Fashion pack but it wasn't in stock yet. They also had the Freak Du Chic Jinafire, Honey Swamp, Toralei and Frankie.  

Thank you. :)

That's a super busy location but at least one relatively within my reach! *thumbs up*

Just went to the Meijers in town and they had the Freak du Chic dolls for $15.00!!!!!!  They also had all the Boo York Boo York dolls minus Astranova.

Target had Freak du Chic Clawdeen, Twyla and Gooliope on the shelf and some Ghoul Fair dolls. (Lakeside)

Sorry for the late post, but the Westland TRU had the 17" dolls as well as the large display school.  If you are interested in EAH, they had the Lovestruck Cupid as well.  All items were found yesterday.....

Hey Michiganders!

Can one of you let me know, the next time you are in your local Walmart....when the green 28" ghoul becomes available for purchase.  I have the purple girl, but of course I want the set.  Thanks

The one in Big Rapids has both.

Good morning MI!  As advised by the MH YouTubeer Chad Alan, Big Lots does have the new wave of MH vinyls.  I was able to find all 4 at the Novi store yesterday. They were $10 and unfortunately if you call, the clerks said that they are unable to hold them.  So call first, just to ensure, then act fast!  The clerk told me that someone before me had purchased all 14.


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