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EDIT: Now that I've redrawn more than one of my characters, I've expanded the discussion to include them as I upload them.

This is my character, Hannah, daughter of a hamadryad, which is a dryad bonded to a particular tree. If the tree dies, they die, and they cannot function if they are too far way from it.

Hannah is quiet and laid-back, preferring not to make waves. She's not particularly recognisable in the student body, she's kind of just 'there'.

That thing behind her is her bonded tree, which she wears around like a backpack (she's quite young, so her tree is quite small). Also, her skin is meant to have a bark-like texture.

Name: Hannah Dryad

Age: 150

Monster Parent: A Hamadryad

Killer Style: Anything that can be made without damaging the environment! I'm also quite a literal 'Flower Child' so my clothing tends to reflect that.

Freaky Flaw: My skin is like wood, so I can't go near any fire monsters, which really bites since it makes traversing the hallways a bit of a terror.

Pet: Woody is my bonded tree. I can't move very far from him or I'll get terrifyingly tired and doze off...

Favourite Activity: Caring for other plants who aren't lucky enough to have their own dryad.

Biggest Pet Peeve: I don't like the destruction of the environment any more than the next ghoul, but I protest peacefully, unlike certain people who are anything but peaceful.

Favourite School Subject: Environmental Studies.

Least Favourite School Subject: Physical Deaducation. It's very hard to run when you're carrying a tree, you know.

Favourite Colour: Spring Green

Favourite Food: Tofu Bites

BFF's: I'm at peace with everyone. Well, almost.

* * * * * *

This is my only other character whom I've currently redrawn, Aurora Frost. She doesn't have a bio yet, so I can't post it, but I can put some general info.

MHOC - Aurora Frost by Crystal-Sushi

Aurora is the daughter of the Snow Queen, and previously attended Ever After High (you can tell by the way she dresses). Unfortunately, her monster traits began to emerge (genetic throwback from her mother) and Aurora was no longer allowed to attend the school. One of her younger sisters then had to take up the mantle of the future Snow Queen, leaving Aurora wondering what to do with her life, now that her destiny wasn't set out before her.

* * * * * *

Another character re-draw, this time with a bio! It's Jackie O'Lantern, one of my oldest characters (from 2010!) :3

Her monster parent, the Pumpkin King, who I kind of created, is inspired by a mixture of various things from legends/other franchises etc. He's the spirit of Halloween, made by a witch from a simple pumpkin who was bought to life by an enchanted candle. By day he's a normal pumpkin, but at night he's a humanoid creature, and the same goes for Jackie (and it annoys her!).

The links for all of the resources I used (bio base, pumpkins, etc) are on my DA account;

(Link to my DA: )

                                                                     * * * * * *

Redrawn two more characters; here's my Monster High self, Teethsa Fangvel daughter of the Tooth Fairy! Her name is a monsterfied version of my real name, and her pet is a monster version of my cat (whose name remains unchanged!).

 MHOC - Teethsa Fangvel and Glitter by Crystal-Sushi

Also here's another fairy of sorts, Velvet Hemlock daughter of a Dark Faerie. She has a twin brother and younger sister who I need to draw....

MHOC - Velvet Hemlock by Crystal-Sushi

                                                                       * * * * * *

I have two more characters to add; one redrawn and one entirely new :3

This is Lettuce Fleecington, daughter of the Vegetable Lamb. She's a little bit simple and very placid but very hardworking and friendly.

MHOC: Lettuce Fleecington by Crystal-Sushi

And this is Peter 'Pete' Marsh :3 He's the son of an undead and thus technically a zombie (his appearance is inspired by 'bog bodies' hence the bright red hair and greenish-brown skin) but was adopted by a family of swamp monsters and can't actually speak Zombie as a result.
Also pictured is his pet bullfrog, Ribberta :3

MHOC Peter 'Pete' Marsh by Crystal-Sushi

I'm sooooo proud of his outfit, I think it's the best I've done so far :3

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I've removed spam posts from this thread.

EDIT: Now that I've redrawn more than one of my characters, I've expanded the discussion to include them as I upload them.

EDIT: Added Jackie and her bio.

EDIT: Added Teethsa and Velvet.

EDIT: Added Lettuce and Pete.


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