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A new 28" is available on for 49.44

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My sister and I saw them in stores a few days ago and she is HUGE!  She also had a try me button, but I'm not sure what she did.

Her eyes change like the Inner Monsters. They go from yellow and pink to blue and purple and yellow to green and blue and orange and yellow. She has 2 sets of odd eyes a bit like Frankie but very colorful. That button in back changes them out.

So she has heterochromia?  Awesome!  Yeah, pretty sure my sister will get one for Christmas the way she freaked over her.

I have her in hand. I just got her just now. She is amazing. Much better looking than the purple ghoul but still no bending knees, alas. I don't like her dress much. It's crappy but otherwise I am liking her much better than the purple one. The green is very nice and it's contrasted very well with red. I've got to play a little when I have time and see what else might fit her, but IMHO, non-bendy legs or not this is a real keeper of a doll. I'm glad I got her. :)

Thanks for letting me know about her. I am on the fence with ordering me one
I saw them in stores today. Wow they are huge!


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