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I love this Lagoona. Her outfit is super cute. Also thankful for the articulation.

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I've been waiting forever for Lagoona, Cleo and Clawdeen! Where was this at? Did they have Cleo and Clawdeen?

This picture was taken in Turkey, so I guess they are *still* not out in the US. This is taking forever!!!! Sooooooooooo tired of waiting for these 3 dolls to show up!! Grrrr!!!!

Oh, and I did see Clawdeen & Cleo also in Turkey. Why not in the US???

Omg yes!

The second wave of signatures looks better than the first in my opinion. I'm glad Lagoona is going more sporty rather than girly - I love the hoodie. Clawdeen and Cleo look great too.

She's kinda... bleh!

The original Lagoona from G1 was much more beautiful.

No sign of these in the argos catalogue, hmmm.

I think the UK is waiting till next season to see these, if we see them at all.

our MH stock is seriously small this season and it's quite unsettling. literally 2 lines. Electrified and those three party ghouls. That's hardly exciting.

Usually there's more to get excited about, but reboot stuff seems to be really slowly trickling out and the UK seems to not even be getting half the releases.


Heck, even has very little new stuff, it's all budget rubbish like those cake girls.

I kinda wanted these three, but Cleo's tinsel puts me off massively and I think Beast Pet Lagoona is actually a little prettier with her wavy hair and that mint green streak at the front. I suspect Lagoona's whole outfit here is sewn together which I find very very offputting. I'd like to be able to mix and match pieces, having it stitched along the bottom of the shirt I always think looks ugly, there's like this big ugly seam there and it's ew. Need a belt to cover that up or something because it's not nice.

Yes it appears Lagoona's outfit is all sewn together unfortunately. I'm a tad disappointed they ditched the minty streak and replaced it with the original blue streak as I felt the minty color looked better with the blonde.

I actually love ghouls beast pet lagoona for that reason. Her hair is a brighter blonde and the mint green looks fresher and so her overall appearance is brighter than the rather muted and kind of grey g1 Lagoona. I mean I love my g1 Lagoonas but her hair looks so... grimy and dull if you put her alongside ghoul beast pet Lagoona.

Plus she actually has wavy hair. Sig here's hair looks a bit uh.. limp, lifeless and not really any particular style. Hmm.

I still want sig clawdeen if only for her clothes. If they aren't all sewn together (sigh* I bet they are.

Cleo's outfit too, I like her in green but tinselllll eeeew. I hate hate hate tinsel so much!

I love this Lagoona and she's the main one I want from all the new and recently released lines. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to track her down yet. :(

I give up on these dolls being released in the US. I wish Mattel would stop using them on their facbook page if they are not going to ever release the darn dolls!!! Grrrrr!!!

I really do want this Lagoona - she's listed on the Target website but has been 'unavailable' for a while. If we never get her in the U.S., I'll still be completely happy with her Beast Pet version.

God almighty I just noticed those, Mattel. No.

the new MH shoes are lacking something right? they kinda... look a bit... generic but worse, a lot of them look sort of... blurred like the mould isn't as crisp as it should be. All the detail's a little vuage.


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