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Nice pictures. It is pretty crazy how many different combinations there can be! I can't wait to see what mine looks like when I find him!

Music festival Venus and Creepateria Cleo have the same "pattern" issue. Pretty much every budget MH doll has this thing. Black Carpet clawdeen's dress had the moon and stars on it always differently positioned. If we were to start counting the patterns cut as variants it would never end - that said it's so sad to think not only i will never see Billy on shelves here thanks to Mattel Italy, but i will have to explain to the person getting it to me that they'll have to look for the gradient shirt and a nice blue streak of hair and that will never happen since it's going to be 1x case or 1 on the shelves...

the one with the overall gradient is the better one and picture accurate IMHO

Mine looks mostly like the third picture. I don't really consider these proper variants, but they do seem more deliberate than most of the different random gradients. For one thing, the sleeves all match. 

i love how they add in these little variants in details.

they're not added on purpose. they're the result of how a ombre fabric is cut.

scarissa crow said:

i love how they add in these little variants in details.

Mine has a shirt similar to the first pic but it has the black fading into blue near the bottom of his shirt.


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