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I love these....totally cool. Def gonna buy Isi and Kjersti

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Finally!  Been waiting a long time for these promo shots.  Now that we have a good look at them …

…I'm in the minority here, but I have no interest in Batsy.  Glad, though, that she has her fans.

Kjersti may actually be the first smaller-sized ghoul that I'll get, although I really don't get why her eyes are pixelated - I get that she's into video games and pixels are her 'killer style', but … what?  She's played so many video games her eyes became pixelated?

I've already pre-ordered Isi.  The trouble I anticipate with her is finding one that has symmetrical eyebrows - those lines down her nose will be distracting unless they're properly aligned … I'm pretty particular about face paint. 

So no more Monster Exchange?

I really like all of them. Batsy's colour scheme is unusual and attractive, though yeah.. vampire bat isn't a goddamn monster. This isn't anthro high, it's MONSTER. I'm headcanoning her as a werebat, because that's what she should be. Much like Mouscedes should be a wererat not a damn rat king which isn't even a damn monster either.

Kjersti, i'm disappointed her hat and socks are plastic moulded, but I guess it was hard to do the horns on the hat without doing that. Still, would have liked to see knitted stuff. she's cute though. Her outfit is pretty... unattractive but it works for her I think. I hope her hair isn't too frizzed out the box. And her ears omg, look at her ears!

Isi's beautiful, we've already seen her though.

I think they've run out of "official" monster types to create so now they're just creating anything

Closer peep at their face....hopefully the eye wonk issues won't be bad

I love how two of the new characters have new ears. I hope that this line continues, I love the around the world theme, even though sometimes they don't do well representing where they are from. I hope they also continue trying new things like how most of the new characters have something dramatically different that makes them unique. Marisol was way huger than any other female character, Lorna had a longer neck, Isi has different feet, and Kjersti and Batsy had new ears which is so cool that each character had something different. I wish they had a creative monster parent though, White Vampire Bat? I know monster high can do better than that, Marisol Coxi was a interesting monster if they said Daughter of Maricoxi but atleast they had something new.

Wow I am equally excited for all 3 of these I can't wait to get them, Batsy is so cute I just love her, I can't wait to get her and Kjersti I love her glasses and hat and her shirt is so cute, and Isis I am still excited about everything about her too all I am really excited.

I'll get all 3... my favorite is Isi. Batsy has a great color combo but I hate her wings. Nothing about Kirsti says "troll" to me other than her hat. :\

Male and female deer can both have horns depending on their species or genetic makeup, but agree horn on the headband is just... annoying haha.

I actually like all 3. Something different is always fun to add to my display. However, my daughters will be more selective than me. 


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