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I love these....totally cool. Def gonna buy Isi and Kjersti

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Batsy appeals to me the most. but I'll still get the other two!

MH wrote thst they should be out in October! But of course didn't say when in the month.

All three I need them, I wonder why they changed the name o.O

OMG they look awesome. Batsy was the one the looked the worst in the earlier pics but now seeing her in full view WOW great colors her skin tone is shimmery and the face tribal are beautiful. My favorite is Isis her colors are amazing. Love animal hybrids. Wish they would of actually given her horns instead of just a headband, such a waste. Kjersti is adorable we needed another nerd love her. She remind me of the little girl from "adventure in babysitting" with the thor helmet. Thanks so much for the pics.

Who are they the daughters of?

Isis the the daughter of a deer spirit, Batsy a white vampire bat, and Kjersti a troll,,

Was feeling a little worried about Kjersti but not any more, how fun & cute! I am absolutely excited for these ghouls! Look at all that green on Batsy and her lips being different shades of green~


They're all great (Kjersti looks a lot better than she did in those blurry pics, and she has her hat!) but OMG BATSY! I thought Isi was my favorite but if I could only get one, it'd be Batsy. I love her clothes, her hair, her two-toned lips...Just when I thought Monster High was losing me (Not really interested in Great Scarrier Reef), I see these. XD

I like Kjersti's ear mold!


I'll end up getting all 3 but I'm so tired of hippy looking, eyesore dolls (Isi). I know they're trying to go for a "Native" look with Isi but this is a fail. And why does she have antlers on a headband? That's kinda like us wearing a headband with fingers on it or something.....I like Isi, just not her outfit/accessories. And before anyone tries to pull the race card, I'm half and half.

Batsy, oh how I love thee. I don't see how a bat is a monster but....Monster High reasons.....Liking the paint on her nose/forehead and her lips.

Kjersti's hair is great! I love the colors and curls but can see it turning in to a nightmare in the box :( Curls never fair well in packaging. There's no need for pixelated eyes but again, Monster High reasons....Just cause she likes games doesn't mean her eyes turn weird....She's better than her art anyway :)

I think it's cause only male deer have antlers :)

Again, why? The fact would just make it a dumber idea....


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