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I really like the look of the MH style done in a rough graphite sketch-y way, so I'm trying it out myself :) I did these tonight. Spectra was my first, and hers is just a bit awkward because I hadn't quite gotten the hang of it...My favorite so far is Cleo, but she's still in progress :D

I've just used a mechanical pencil (HB) on these. I apologize for the terrible photo quality; I took these with my phone. I'll try to get scans sometime soon.

I don't think I'll stop with just these three, too! They're...addictingly fun to draw :D

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I love these! I was expecting the 'usual' sketches we see on here - pretty, but the artist is still obviously developing. I'm blown away.

I'm not a huge Cleo fan, but I do love her expression. Spectra and Lagoona are gorgeous!

I love the Lagoona one; her eyes look so cute and hopeful (or is that dreamy?).

Wow those are amazing!

Bumping this old thing. I haven't really touched digital art in like, three years, but for some reason I got the urge to mess around with it last night. So, I colored the Lagoona sketch in GIMP, and did Cleo this afternoon :)

I love them all

These are incredible! I adore the Spectra one. You nailed those high cheekbones!


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