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  I just bought a Jackson doll, it was the last one in the store. I've noticed that the stand doesn't want to got together at the bottom. It doesn't pop into place it just sits there but then falls once the doll is placed into the holder part. I can't find any help anywhere about getting a new one without just buying another doll. 

   I've found replacement stands for the girls but I need the boy sized.  Anyone now where,who I need to go online to fix this?      

   The store I got it from didn't have any other boy dolls to replace either.

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I had that problem with a few of my dolls. A spot of hot glue did the trick.

sometimes if you look inside the hole on the base you can see likr a rim of plastic that shouldnt be there, ive had this twice i just scrapped it of with scissors in a circular motion and was fine , bit ive als had ally loose ones that ive just glued together.

thanks guys, next time I have the glue gun out I'll fix it right enough. :)

Also, Barbie sized stands (well, the bit that goes around the waist) fit the boys. The Fashion Fever line came with stands which you can pop the clip off of and they actually fit onto the MH stands.

I had the same issue with my DOTD Deuce stand. It constantly pops out of the hole grrr. I'd glue it but I kinda want to be abl e to take it apart to move things you know? Still, annoooyiiing.

I have had the same issue mainly with the boy stands. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one and that so many others offered up their advice =)

hopefully my keyboard is now fixed, so it wont keep missing letters out of my posts!!

the only stand ive had actually break was my sdcc ghoulia one!! i was gutted and literally sat there staring at it for like 10 minutes!!

Honestly, the boys' stands and the girls' stands are exactly the same except for the waist holder part. You could order a replacement girl stand and then put the waist holder from the broken stand on it and it should work fairly well. Your issue is a common one with stands, I have about 5 with the same problem, so it is possible the one you order will have the same problem.


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