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I was thinking about the classic 80s cartoon Jem and which MH characters could be represented as the 80s cartoon's equivilant. Here is what I came up with and why.

Jem/Venus and Jerrica/Frankie: Venus as Jem seems to be a natural pick as both have bright pink hair although Jem's was usually softer. Venus and Jem also love wearing bold colorful outfits. Jerrica and Frankie are equivilants mainly because they are the main characters and go to girl/ghoul of their respective series. And both are realitively well liked by others on their shows.

Kimber/Operetta: The red hair played a factor but also both Kimber and Operetta are known to be talented musicians. Kimber is a bit different in that she tends to want to be recognized more for her talents and be noticed while in a room. Operetta isn't quite like that but both are loyal to their friends.

Shana/Clawdeen: Both love fashion and aspire to become designers. Both had also done work for women they found to be quite disagreeable and demanding and left them in the cold. Shana and Clawdeen also get encouragement to pursue their dreams of being famous designers. Not to mention CLawdeen has dyed her hair purple several times.

Aja/Ghoulia: Both are quiet and very smart especially when it comes to computers. Aja is more headstrong but both characters are very dedicated to their friends.

Pizzazz/Toralei: This was pretty much a given. Both LOVE to pull pranks and mischief, usually for no real reason at all. They also like to push people's buttons and be seen as a tough girl/ghoul. The main difference is that Pizzazz only wants adoration while Toralei does like being the center of attention, she is also comfortable staying out of the spotlight. Also Toralei has a strong sense of sportsmanship as she refuses to resort to cheating while Pizzazz will cheat if given the chance.

Roxy and Stormer/Purrsephone and Meowlody: I grouped them together as the Werecats seem to fit both of the Misfits' personalities. Roxy is also in your face like Pizzazz and enjoy causing mischief but she also is smart and usually just goes along for the ride. The twins are pretty much the same. They like mischief but they usually are the ones who are being told what to do by Toralei. Stormer is sort of the odd Misfit as she is much more caring than the other two Misfits. The twins also seem to have this trait as seen in their Diaries. They all enjoy pranks but voice concern or do something if the prank goes to far. I think the best example of this would be in Why Do Ghouls Fall In Love? where only Toralei is plotting against Draculaura. Usually if a prank involves the main ghouls in any shape or form, the twins are part of the plan but not this one instance. They most likely knew what Toralei and Vaentine were planning to do was extremely wrong. Also Roxy and Stormer do not like cheating if I recall correctly.

Riot/Heath: Both claim to be ladies men except Riot usually succeeds in flirting. They also tend to have big egos.

Lindsey Pierce/Spectra: Both are reporters and have their own broadcasts. Also both have interviewed celebs on their respective cartoon.

What do you guys think? Do I make some good points?

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