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MH dolls for sale and furniture new dolls added! Prices cheap obo. Updated 5/7.

Updated sales thread. Rescued some dolls this weekend. They need good homes and some tlc. I need these all gone!

If you are interested in anything, please comment or send a fr!

Due to my schedule, shipping days are on a Friday.

U.S. buyers only! Shipping is $4 in a padded envelope (only one doll will fit per envelope) and $6 for a box ($0.50 each additional doll).



Dead Tired (Wave 1) Frankie- dressed, stand, and card- $11 plus shipping GONE

All others Sold/Traded.

Dead Tired Cleo- comes dressed, pyramid, stand (I would have to look and see if I still have her card if you want it with her)- $27 plus shipping GONE

Schools Out Cleo- comes dressed, stand and diary (missing purse and folder)- $34 plus shipping (Traded)

Jane Boolittle- comes dressed, stand, diary, pet, purse and staff- $14 plus shipping GONE

Slo Mo NIB- brand new- another available. Trade only. (Traded)


I am not sure what dolls are 100% from which line put I will do my best. O and I know these pics say May 6th. I took them last night and just now had the time to upload them. Like I noted before all dolls come as is bc I rescued these poor babies. The really just need tlc and a few would be great for customizing or fashion packs.

Cleo (no idea which one) (hair has been cut in a few spots on her headed, maybe could use to be re-rooted missing arms/hands)-  will come as pictured- $1.50 plus shipping. SOLD

Clawdeen (1600)-(missing hands but I brushed her hair and it looks better than what it did)- comes as pictured- $2 plus shipping GONE

Frankie (Ghoul's Rules) (missing shoes and needs her hair fixed. That is not the full outfit just the top of the dress which is ripped towards the sleeves. O and a place on the back of her head looks like the previous owner may have tried putting lip gloss on her or something. I don't know how to get it off)- comes as pictured- $2.50 plus shipping. GONE

Frankie (1600) (missing shoes and might need hair redone. Other than that she doesn't look too bad)- $3 plus shipping SOLD

Abbey (Im not exactly sure but she looks a lot like basic Abbey) (completely nude but in pretty good condition. Hair may need a little tlc.)- comes as pictured- $3 plus shipping. GONE

CAM Sea Monster?- (missing shoes and need hair fixed other than that great condition)- $3 plus shipping GONE

Scaris Lagoona ?- (nude and missing leg fins)- comes as pictured in pretty good condition- $3 plus shipping GONE

Ddg Spectra (missing shoes but in good condition)- $3 plus shipping GONE

MH School Desk- $3 each/ 2 for $5 plus shipping

Mh school cart- $2 plus shipping

Mh School ( I have no idea what this is for but it resembles a stand. haha)- $0.50 plus shipping obo

 MH school bleachers?- $4 plus shipping

Mh school lunch table- $4 plus shipping obo

Mh school holt hyde speakers?- $3 plus shipping (Traded)

2 awards and skull hanger/décor- traded.

Note: Spectra phone is broken! Make an offer on anything. I don't know what to even begin asking for any of this or really what any of this is. Just came with the school I found at a yard sale.

Boots- $1 plus shipping GONE

Glasses (Clawd and Jackson's)- $0.50 each plus shipping SOLD

Note: Some dolls might be missing jewelry or etc. but all come with pant/shirt or dress and shoes. If there is anything particular u want them to have please ask about before purchase.

* I have positive feedback on here, ebay, mlparena, and mharena.

*Will only trade for nib Ever After High dolls (Legacy Day Apple/Briar or any of the newer releases like Hat-tastic...) or a Littlest Pet Shop collection, or Disney Animator Dolls (only have Kristoff). You MUST be willing to ship first, be a member on here for over two years or have feedback from known members that I have done business with and trust.

Thanks in advance!





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I sent pm

I messaged u bck. Thanks! :)

samanthacastle54 said:

I sent pm


i really need Frankie dead tired

cause i have her bed but not her

and i don't have gigi yet

can you check if your dt frankie has a mask?


Hi, which EAH dolls are you still looking for? Thanks,


She does have her mask. :) I sent you a fr. If your interested in purchasing just let me kno. Thanks!
monsterlover said:

can you check if your dt frankie has a mask?


Hey. I am making a trade with someone with Jackson and Toralei so Im just waiting to see what she picks up for me. If you are interested in anything just let me know. Thanks!

 MHaddict said:

Hi, which EAH dolls are you still looking for? Thanks,



Bump! Dolls still available.

Another price reduction and update.


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