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Prices are before shipping. $10 shipping on any single doll. Shipping on multiple items to be determined. I will not separate boxed sets. International shipping to be determined. The fashion packs and add on packs would be cheaper, since they can be put in a large envelope. 

There is recent feedback on my profile page now directly relating to this sale! You will not be disappointed purchasing from me!

If prices seem a little high, I am not completely apposed to haggling. I'm trying to offset the price of my wedding with this particular sale, so I would like to get as much as I can out of each doll.

All dolls are NIB. 

Pictures can be found here:


Dot Dead Gorgeous Operetta $20

Roller Derby Operetta $10

Frankie Stein Fashion Pack $5

Lagoona Blue Fashion Pack $5

Create a Monster Nocturnal add on pack $5

Create a Monster Ghost add on pack missing forearms $5

Swim class Lagoona $10

Venus McFlytrap Basic $20

Rochelle Goyle Basic $20

Draculaura Ghouls Rule $20

PolterGhoul $20

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bump. Common guys. I want to be doooooone with this sale!

If you'd be willing to take $10 for both roller derby operetta and swim lagoona and debox them to lower the shipping I'd be interested. $10 shipping for just 1 doll is too much. The other day i purchased 7 dolls (packaged in the box of the DDG 3 pack) and the shipping was $8. Let me know if this sounds okay:)

I don't want to unbox them. $10 is what I'm asking for each doll. Since you are buying multiple, it will lower the shipping cost, the last time I sent two I was able to do it for $10 total. 

Well thanks anyway

No problem. Happy hunting! :)

desiree.lari said:

Well thanks anyway


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