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October 27th


Dear Diary,today I started out in class plessent. I Day dreamed about making potions in Mr.Mummy's Mathematics.When the loud earpressing  screetch of the mic ran through the school."Mrs.Wendy Witch come down to my office emeditly!"headmistres bloodgood said. " Well you better go?" Mr.MUmmy said in his usual low pitch not caring voice. The whole Classroom stared at me and followed me with there eyes.Some whispering, I heard cleo whisper: "I wonder what she did wrong?"I gulped.The same question was bubbling in my mind. What did I do wrong?I clutched my book: Which Witch is Which? in my quivering hands.My Long wavevy orange hair swayed on my back.I pulled my now larger Hat over my face, the whole school seemed to watch me.I pulled my hat to smaller size to fit on my headband and pulled the office door open."Oh Wendy your here?" Headmistress Bloodgood said smiling.I stepped into the room up to her desk."Can you do me a Favour?" she said.I nodded slowly."Can you  help put up decor for the Halloween Dance?Some student found a piece of your jornual with a beautiful sketch of what your opinion the dance should look like!"My eye's opened wide.I took out my sketch book, A piece of paper was missing!"Uh ok sure..."I said mumbleing." And I think you'll need help!" 4 figures stepped out of the shadows, MOM, AUNTY, LIL SIS and PATRICA.( My older sister ) "OW sweety i'm so glad you agreed to do it!"my mom said running up to hug me.My mom had glasses with short wavevy orange hair.She had a black jacket on with blue undershirt with jeans.Then my crush Tiger Stripe ( Torialei's big bro ) came in "Head Mistress where do you want th-" He said stoppng looking at me.I waved awkwardly at him.I thought COULD THIS DAY GET ANY WORSE?

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Comment if you want more!

I want more bc i love it and wish monster high mattel did it.

Love it come on do more or ask someone to do it!How about Selena Seashell?

Ok you do it!

Lagoona Blue said:

Love it come on do more or ask someone to do it!How about Selena Seashell?


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