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Since there didn't seem to be a Texas thread I figured I'd make one. While I was out hunting for my Princesses collection today I wanted to mention where I found what, and if there were extras there.


I got her the Home Ick 2-pack at the Cypress, TX Target @ 290 and Fry. The case is labeled Classroom 2-packs and comes 8 to the box, 4 with Heath and 4 with Cleo. I only needed 1 Home Ick so there should still be 3 Heath and 4 Cleo in the backroom. They were nice enough to pull the 1 Heath I needed from the backroom. Also scored a Scaris Deuce right off the rack, but they only had 1 on the shelves.


I got the Justice Holt Hyde at the Rt. 290 Cypress Outlet Mall near the Fairfield exit.


I have seen, but didnt buy, the Sweet 1600 sports car for Draculaura at the TRU (thought it was nifty seeing it in the stores. never had before) on Rt. 249 near Willowbrook, and pretty much every store around my side of Houston carries the 13 Wishes line.


There are no K-Marts in Houston, so I have no way of getting the Music Festival 2-pack until the K-Mart website stocks them, and Targets have had the new Dance Class 5-pack selling at the same price as the clearance Skull Shores pack.


If anyone scores a Sweet 1600 Clawd, Music Festival 2-pack, Fearleading 3-pack, or Scarah Screams please let me know. I've been on the hunt as I drive around the city for work for these things. As it is I'll be at my office computer Monday morning hoping to God I manage to get her 1 Webarella from Matty.


If I find more items around the Houston area, or when my girlfriend starts working around San Antonio and Austin we'll post the lists here. Cheers!



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Target on 1960 by willowbrook has The Orginal Favorites in the backroom, i bought Cleo and the employees seemed annoyed that i bothered asking for the doll. I do not understand why its always this target that are so unwelcoming and so ratchet. The target on 249 by louetta is always cheery and extremely nice when i ask for things. -___-
Also they have the tags up for gloom and bloom cleo and jina on the shelves, happy hunting!
I can't confirm this myself, but I just got off the phone with a target employee who checked the code for Gloom and Bloom Jinafire/Cleo for me and they told me the Woodlands Target have them. (which is usually the case, that area seems to get stuff first for some reason in my doll hunting experiences) That's a little too far for me, but if anyone is close you should call them and check for sure.

That said, I'm sure the rest of the Houston area will get them soon too(hopefully this week), just have a little patience and don't falter.
Gloom and Bloom Jinafire and Cleo are here!

I've been checking and making calls throughout the week and most locations do have it!

I just got mines from Willowbrook Target. They had two Cleo and two Jinafire's left, I forgot to check if they had more in the backroom, but you can always ask!
Any sings of love in scaris two pack hitting Houston?

Sadly no, I've been looking for those while trying to get the Ever After High dvd. I manage to get the last Ever After High dvd at the katy toysrus, but no sightings of Love in Scaris two pack.

First sightings of Amanita Nightshade last night. The Walmart at 1960 @ Eldridge had almost a full case on the shelf. I grabbed 2, so there should still be some left there. Making the weekly call to TRU today, so hopefully something turns up with those exclusives.

Houston: Willowbrook TRU has Scarisian and Ghoulebrities sets. Get them quick!
Any sightings of byby in Houston?

Not yet, but I got the intel

Here are the r-web codes (Toys r us)  for several sets:

Gooliope: 216688

BYBY (elle eedee case): 216683

BYBY (nefera case): 211395

Ghoul Fair: 211324

The stores dont have them yet, but having the codes helps from having to drive all over hunting

Boo York dolls and Freak du Chic playset at the Willowbrook Toys R Us. Go get em!

Sugarland TRU has the Boo York Cleo & Deuce 2-pack and Freak du Chic dolls. No sign of Ghoul Fair yet.

Thanks for the heads up! I checked out tru willowbrook and was planning to get get fdc Rochelle and byby two pack but every one of them had serious wonky eye lol I was disappointed


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