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Since there didn't seem to be a Texas thread I figured I'd make one. While I was out hunting for my Princesses collection today I wanted to mention where I found what, and if there were extras there.


I got her the Home Ick 2-pack at the Cypress, TX Target @ 290 and Fry. The case is labeled Classroom 2-packs and comes 8 to the box, 4 with Heath and 4 with Cleo. I only needed 1 Home Ick so there should still be 3 Heath and 4 Cleo in the backroom. They were nice enough to pull the 1 Heath I needed from the backroom. Also scored a Scaris Deuce right off the rack, but they only had 1 on the shelves.


I got the Justice Holt Hyde at the Rt. 290 Cypress Outlet Mall near the Fairfield exit.


I have seen, but didnt buy, the Sweet 1600 sports car for Draculaura at the TRU (thought it was nifty seeing it in the stores. never had before) on Rt. 249 near Willowbrook, and pretty much every store around my side of Houston carries the 13 Wishes line.


There are no K-Marts in Houston, so I have no way of getting the Music Festival 2-pack until the K-Mart website stocks them, and Targets have had the new Dance Class 5-pack selling at the same price as the clearance Skull Shores pack.


If anyone scores a Sweet 1600 Clawd, Music Festival 2-pack, Fearleading 3-pack, or Scarah Screams please let me know. I've been on the hunt as I drive around the city for work for these things. As it is I'll be at my office computer Monday morning hoping to God I manage to get her 1 Webarella from Matty.


If I find more items around the Houston area, or when my girlfriend starts working around San Antonio and Austin we'll post the lists here. Cheers!



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awesome! I'm from the Houston area too!

Can you tell me where the dance class pack are? the target I'm at doesn't have it yet, but if its within reasonable travel distance, I'll go!

It definitely sucks that there aren't any KMarts, I REALLY want the music festival pack, I've been waiting to see if they will put it back online, but I might just have to bite the bullet and get it on ebay
The Targets at Westheimer and Eldridge; Westheimer and Wilcrest had them yesterday. Wilcrest might be best bet since it seems to be overlooked a lot.

I live in west  tx in midland our target ahd deluxe  13 wishes and music festibbal budget dolls and tru had a lot of bloodgoods and basic 13 wishes dolls no I heart fashion though which makes me sad whaa I have an extra nib holt and gig will trade for a scarah screams

This thread scares me, I am in Houston and am looking for dolls everyday. I scored sweet 1600 clawdeen for $6 the other day. But if someone else is haunting the shelves, how will I get all the dolls? :( :(

@ghoulrevolution: there are alot of resellers in the city. I'm lucky to have found the few things I did. just have to keep checking the stores, ask when shipment days are and always have the employees check their system to see what is in stock, what should be in stock and what other locations may have in stock. But it's a board like this that people can help you find the ones you need if they were spotted around the city.

Unfortunately someone must've bought out Heath/Abbey and Dance Class pack at the locations you described. They told me they had no more. I also checked the ones closer by me (Tomball and Willowbrook) and they had nothing either.

Target at Westheimer and Dunvale. 2 eachof school 2packs on the shelf right now. Also a Scaris Deuce and the 2 different 13 Wishes playsets. Get em quick if you need em. Leave em if you dont.
Found a Gigi at the Wal Mart in Buda. She was the only one there but they did have Haunt The Casbah and Ghoul's Night Out.
Houston. 2 each of the classroom 2packs at the Target at Westheimer and Wilcrest. Also the 9/13 display for Catty.

That really makes me upset, I went there yesterday and they told me point blank they didnt have anything and would not check for me.

It's a 30 minute drive for me, and i have to pay tolls! i'm gonna have to debate with myself if its worth it, by the time i get there it might be gone.

found scarah screams I love fashion at my toys r us here in west tx midland

@Dex: depending on the area you live in, just keep checking the closest Target to you. they seem to be stocking alot more lately because they are getting ready for the holiday season and flushing out the old stuff. I always ask the staff members near the toy section and have them use the scanner gun to see what they might have in the back if its not on the shelf.


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