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So MGA are once again trying to capture some of Monster High success with a new line of dolls, but rather than just blatantly rip off Monster High, they've decided to do something a bit original.. A line of cute alien dolls.

Well, I say cute, but frankly I think those designs are hideous! Even now I can feel those soulless eyes staring out at me in the darkness... if this is just the artwork, I dread to think what the actual dolls are like.

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Eww.  All i can say.

I might buy a couple of these for my collection, but I want to see dolls before I commit.

I honestly find them cute. In a "creepy" sort of way. They are aliens, after all. xD
I guess it will depend on what the actual dolls end up looking like. Pretty sure they ain't gonna be real competition for Monster High, though.

They do look cute in a weird way but I don't think they'd be any competition to MH.

link won't work for me... can anyone post pics?


I'm with you there, Matthew. Can't see it.:(

Matthew Sutton said:

link won't work for me... can anyone post pics?


I have to say that I agree with you. I LOVE the adorably weird concept art, and the gimmicks (Glitter + water snowglobe doll? Count me in!) I'm also a sucker for scented things.


I looked back at these and I want them now. They'll be the second toy line I will ever serriously collect.

I think they're cute. I have to see the dolls before I buy thyem, though.

I'm totally in. I wish I wasn't. I never collected dolls until MH. I feel like such a girl! Lol. But I'm really excited to see this line! If the dolls are anything like the animation, I'm really hooked.

Here's the pic from the page. :

They kinda remind me of the Baby Bratz.

They are kinda cute- the biggest part of the rip off I see is the the ridiculously punned names. Mae Tallick? (Metalic pun.) Ari Roma? (Aroma pun.) Una Verse? (Universe pun.) Alie Letric? (Eletric pun.) I mean COME ON MGA!!!!' STOP TRYING TO BE BETTER THAN MH!! CAN THEY EVER JUST STOP?!?!


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