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i know i'm obsessing on this topic but i got into MH early-ish and i have like 7 girl bodies and 6 guy bodies with the old construction.   seems a pity to waste them.  but as soon as you play with it like 5 times the elastic wears out.  am i right?!  (barring slight hyperbole)

So the best idea i've had so far involved fishing swivels.

What the Heck is a Fishing Swivel?!

and i'm thinking these plastic ones could be best.  but i'm not entirely sure it would work, OR how to attach them to the legs.  i have a few ideas, involving either jump rings or maybe some adaptation of the swivel itself.

But while i wait to get these things (gonna order some soon), i wonder does anybody have a better idea?

The idea is to replace the elastic AND make the doll better posing by letting the legs move independently of each other better.  (not sure that was english... it's kinda late)

Anyway, thanks in advance for your ideas!

ETA:  i've just seen the product specs which i was unable to find earlier.  realizing they are 15mm at smallest... that's like a centimetre and a half.  that could work?!  i'll have to measure carefully and see.

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this tutorial has been recommended but while it was not loading (it does now)  i found
elastic replacement

pin & elastic replacement

although i'd use a metal pin out of wire or something if you have some strong and rigid wire, instead of thread.

but what i hope to do is not to replace elastic like the old not so good system, but rather to improve it and make more like the new mechanical legs.

i'm going to keep posting what i find out in other sources, just in case it could be useful, plus to keep it in one place.

a flickr friend suggested using ball-joints from BIONICLES (now LEGO HERO FACTORY) to replace the hip joints.  it seems a great idea and i hope to try it, too.  but i don't have any just yet so i will be trying to find some soon. 


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