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I love the Moxie teenz! They are gorgeous.

Melrose is so beautiful.

Thanks I love them too! :D


I post pictures of some of my dolls too. I love these dolls so much.

The quality is not good because I took them with a crap phone! sigh...

Here is the doll who started everything. The first Melrose I have found in the car boot sale. She was nude with no clothes and I did not even know she was a Moxie Teenz!

So I fell in love with her quite badly and bought a few from Ebay.

first wave melrose and Tristen

I have a few more but did not take pictures. I need a decent camera!


The 2 Melroses are the same as yours, wave one Melrose. She's gorgeous! All of the Moxies are anyway! lol

I like the pink boots on the 5th picture and the outfit is very cute. What shoes are they? and the purple boots? Very nice outfits. Are they all Barbie's?

These dolls are so beautiful. I am very pleased to have found Melrose in the car boot sale. She was a fabulous find!

The boots are MH boots. LOL they don't 100% fit though. You can see her heels sticking out of the back

Oh, really? lol MH shoes! I did not recognise them. It does not show on the picture that they don't fit 100%. Ken shoes fit 100% and they look quite cute.

oo if ken shoes fit then eah and mh boy shoes should too right?

I'm not sure. I'll check. My MH boys have shoes problems. I need more boys shoes!! I think I have a few spare Clawd shoes but Deuce needs them...

And I did not have time yet to fully experiment with the moxie

Just bought two more moxie teenz! Can't wait to do their hair!

LOL The Melrose curse has begun!! Beware...

Which ones?

Arizona ans Biju


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