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Melissa Gorgon is the twin sister of Deuce Gorgon, and the tallest of the ghouls.Her pet is Athena, a phoenix

Physical Decription

Her hair is, as she says, "snakes perfectly smooth and well cared for". Her clothes are just like Deuce clothes, but she wears high heels, the which gives the impression that she is taller than Deuce, and her height (when in high heels) make Heath Burns very angry.


She is Heath Burns' girlfriend. Her BFF is Cleo de Nile, because she is arrogant, jus like her


She hasn't appeared yet in book or in the webshow, but may appear very soon as the exchange fearleader from Greece, where she was studying at a boarding school for girls.

Classic Monster

Melissa is the daughter of the Gorgon Medusa, a figure from classic Greek mythology, and most likely influenced by her portrayal in the 1981 film Clash of the Titans .In the mythological tale, Medusa was transformed into a terrible monster by a jealous Athena. Her beautiful hair was turned into snakes, and her face became so terrible to behold that the mere sight of it would turn onlookers to stone.

In Clash of the Titans , the warrior Perseus needs to kill the Kraken, so he wants to use Medusa's gaze to turn it to stone. Unfortunately that requires killing her. Perseus travels to the Isle of the Dead and kill her guardian, a two-headed dog (the possible inspiration of Deuce's pet rat). Perseus decapitates Medusa.

The 1981 film is famous because it features the stop-motion animation of master Ray Harryhausen.


Melissa Gorgon is friendly and outgoing, and very confident. She loves sports, although she conceals her love for cooking for fear of ridicule. She also very arrogant

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hey u can see this in the monster high's just a character i found in the  wikia
Well it's an original character not real. I made pages for both Demetra and Sadie.


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