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Ok, we have seen the shortage of male dolls. We have also seen the scalper prices on ebay on naked dolls, as well as the parts. we can also find many a gripe about the scalpers and lack of dolls on shelves.

So it's time to do something about it. Seriously.

Mattel has no control over scalpers or ebay. they do however control production numbers. They also control a toll free number that's on every monster high box and an associated website to handle mistakes.

The scalper can go ahead and buy 100 dolls, and Mattel will get money for 100 dolls. We can pay the scalper for a doll that 1,000 people wanted, but if there are only 100 dolls, Mattel still only gets money for 100 dolls. the numbers are simplified greatly, but this is how buying dolls works. the company that makes them only gets money for the dolls they make. Everything else in retail goes to the retailer, so the manufacturer may not care what the scalper does so long as they got money for the wholesale product in the first place. that money for the wholesale buy funds the manufacturing, the executives, pays for supplies for more product and lets a company continue.

If we don't buy the dolls the company makes, they fold because there is no money.

I have had 2 dolls come out of the box defective, and have had Mattel send 2 replacements when I called them out on it. This means someone does care about company reputation. Not only that, but they have dolls to send to cover screw ups. the company wants the costumers to keep buying. We make their paychecks happen, so they need to placate us when something puts that in jeopardy.

Now we have Invisibilly. He was 2 years of anticipation from the empty April fools box to the actual doll release, and near impossible to find. Mattel failed. What can we do?

Flood the costumer service line with complaints.

What happened with the pre-orders from target was like pre-ordering a Harry Potter book only to get to the book shop and find out that they didn't print enough copies. After all, the publisher wanted to make money and the books were already sold before they were even printed.

Call Mattel. Email Mattel. Let Mattel see how much money they didn't make when you can't find your doll. Tell them just how many of us may have ordered dolls right from the company web site had they made enough. Put a price tag on their failure to supply the demand. They work for us. We pay their bills. We fund their marketing. We supply the doll designers with really cool equipment. We pay for the packaging development. The hours spent to design and produce every new doll in the line came out of our pockets when we bought the previous dolls.

Flood Mattel with what you think and they will have to change how they handle doll production numbers.

Or pay Mattel for substandard business practices and pout quietly in a corner.

Either way, we are the ones who employ Mattel.

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I understand what you're going through but Mattel has fixed the billy problem they are shipping him in cases of four. I got one at justice today. So they are working on it. As far as slo moe thou Mattel has messed up on the ghoul sports one but they are putting him in the five pack to help fix this problem.

it might work with Mattel US but other countries have no power over what releases they got or decide to have

Other countries have the power of money. If they don't export, nobody buys and they loose profits.

It's also all well and good that Justice gets dolls now, but with 2 YEARS of hype behind him and PRE-ORDERS, there never should have been a shortage to begin with.

See the comparison to Harry Potter books. The fans were waiting, The fans pre-ordered, the company made product and got money.

I think that we should encourage Mattel to set up a Monster High Collectors Club like they have for Barbie collectors. They also have Club Eternia for He-Man, etc. Mattel needs to realize that MH Fans are serious collectors and they could make us happy instead of filling collectors with frustration. I have sent several emails encouraging Mattel to reach out to the Monster High collectors. I would encourage others to do the same.

This post and thread title just makes me shake my head, that isn't how it works. That isn't how anything works.

Your comment makes me shake my head as well, it's a comment about nothing. At least EXPLAIN why you disagree and try to educate people instead of a smug "I know better, but not telling!" comment.

SunStrker said:

This post and thread title just makes me shake my head, that isn't how it works. That isn't how anything works.

While Mattel has dropped the ball on many occasions I think they are trying to rectify some of our concerns, especially with the male dolls.  We have had a lot released lately and more so than in the past, so I think that it is a step in the right direction.  It would be smarter for them to produce more dolls anyway because they will profit off of them rather than letting scalpers do it.  I'm going to wait and see what happens with the upcoming male releases.

As far as my own personal horror story I ordered 6 female doll stands and 2 male doll stands from them a few months ago and the packer put in 1 of each stand in my order.  I contacted customer service and they promised to send the rest and the second packer also put in 1 of each stand again.  I had to contact them two more times to get all of the stands I purchased and I shudder every time I think of ordering more stands.  If they put a stand with every doll I wouldn't have this problem lol  I think that if we try to complain to Mattel it wouldn't do much unless we had a huge surge of numbers behind us and only if their sales were to decline, which I don't think would happen given the popularity of the brand.

That's so annoying. Hope that won't happen again coz I need doll stands too. Been meaning to order but been procrastinating.

I know Mattel is cutting the doll stand on the low budget dolls to afford more for the dolls.. So I guess we'll have to put up with it since I'd rather not have the stands and have a more detailed clothing. And they should just get rid of brushes. Have soooo many of them.

They should sell doll stands on shelf! I don't want to order it.

New Scaremester Wave 2 hasn't even really shown up at all stores yet (I haven't seen them at a single one in my area) - and they're barely being added to Amazon. I think it's a bit early to freak out.

Also, Target's pre-order problem was TARGET'S fault.

I disagree with so many points. Mattel listen to us on so many levels. we wanted more guys we have 4 / 6 (if u count porter and garrot) this year alone. Ive worked in retail for over 15 years in very large retailers, you can try and enforce purchase limits, it simply does not work, nowhere has one cashier and only one till! And even if they did i dont recall people who come in my shop the previous day. People buying and reselling is not an mh exclusive problem it happens in every aspect of retail. Whilst many people gripe about problems , i stand and stare in amazement at such unique, individual and well made dolls!


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