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So, I have been working with Mattel to get my daughter's Draculaura Wave One doll replaced. They wanted to send me one that was only send to grocery stores, but she didn't have pigtails, and that is an issue for us, not to mention the price difference. Our chat was disconnected due to an error, but I kind of think it was because I messaged just a few minutes before they closed and they wanted to go home. She was a gift my mother in law bought for my little girl's birthday. I didn't realize how much she paid until my husband told me (over $50 on amazon!). They wanted to send me this grocery store doll or a $15 voucher. Obviously I was not pleased. I logged back into chat this morning. The same agent as the night before was on. She said they already shipped the doll, but after much prodding I was told I could send the doll back with our broken Draculaura and the purchase receipt and they could send a voucher. I asked if the voucher would be for the full purchase price, but she gave an indirect answer, "We need a copy of the receipt to send that amount other wise it is the $15.00." I'm wondering if anyone has gotten a voucher for one of the hard to find dolls before. Did they give you the full purchase price if you bought from an online retailer like amazon, or did they just give you a generic price? There is no way we can find this doll in stores, even the rep acknowledge that she is no longer available and I should try closeout stores in my area. We will be really upset if we just get a $15 or $20 voucher when the purchase price was $50 on amazon and almost $60 now. I begged for them to just repair the legs and send her back, but it was a no-go. Really offended that they want to send $15 for a doll you could even buy from them for less than $23. The doll was ordered new in January and not given to my daughter until the 29th, she didn't even have her a month before the elastic broke and both legs came off.

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That's an easy fix!
Get some replacement elastic and see the legs back together :)
there are plenty of tutorials online, and that way she gets to keep her doll!

Or, if you want a new doll, buy one of the rereleased Wave 1 Draculaura's. She'll have the newer plastic post leg attachments.

I have tried really hard to do that, but I just can't get the elastic to pull tight enought to hold. Is there a certian type I should use? I really do want to have that one, because Dracualaura is her favorite and she already has most of the others.

If your mother in law bought Draculaura for $50 off of Amazon, she bought it from a secondary seller, not Amazon itself.  Amazon allows people to sell their items at any price they wish on their site.  If you're seeing dolls for more than retail price, that means they're coming from a secondary seller.

That particular doll hasn't been shipping to retailers for several months.  Since she bought it from a secondary seller, Mattel wouldn't be able to refund anything more than the actual retail price of the doll (what the secondary seller no doubt bought it for).  Imagine if someone tried to get a refund for a Gil doll they paid $200 for...of course there is no way Mattel would cover that cost.  That $50 was not the price Mattel set, and that money did not go to Mattel - the only money they got was the original retail price of the doll.

On the bright side of things, there are strong indications that this doll is going to be rereleased in stores in te next few months, if your daughter can be patient for it.  I'd recommend getting the voucher or replacement doll and then waiting to get a replacement for the broken Draculaura in stores at retail price at that time.

Thanks for the tips! I think I will do the voucher and wait for next release, I'd rather have the peg type legs for sure, her other Draculauras have them and there has never been an issue.

Actaully, does anyone know if you can switch the heads? Just thought of this. If so I will just switch the head to the replacement doll and change the clothes.

The heads can be swapped, but not easily like popping the arms on and off. 

Sometimes it can go wrong it the clips/posts on the head post snap off/bend then the head can go all wobbly, but it can be done :3

I recommend running the heads under warm water and then trying to pull them off for the easiest experience.  There is a "t' shaped prong holding the head on, and I've found that it's easier to put a new head on if you trim the tips of the 't' a little bit.  It doesn't affect the head's working at all once you've put it back on.

KhristanSetliff said:

Actaully, does anyone know if you can switch the heads? Just thought of this. If so I will just switch the head to the replacement doll and change the clothes.

Thanks! I will try the broken one first, since she's already not working.

They're not going to give you $50 because you paid that much for her. They'll give you the MSRP of the doll, or ship a new one.

Also the Wave 1 Draculaura was just re-released last Fall, and is coming out again in the "Original Favorites" assortment with Frankie and Clawdeen. They just haven't shown up in stores yet in America. She will also have the plastic jointed hips.

Also if it's just the elastic that broke, there are tutorials on fixing that/


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