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For all of us who collect MH dolls or Ever After dolls you know that scalping is a big issue. A lot of people have blamed Mattel for allowing the scalping problem to continue, however I wanted to let you all know what I've learned in my research and wanderings on this issue.

I worked for Mattel at one of their Mattel warehouse stores and can honestly tell you that they TRY to help deal with the scalpers. First of all it is in the employee contract [that I had to sign] that you as an employee cannot buy toys to re-sell them. True we can get them for ourselves but never have I seen someone buy more than 1 type of any doll, we are usually just collectors ourselves. Also we have a rule on some MH doll series [mostly the new dolls] stating you can only buy 1 per customer per day and the total cap on all other toys in the store is 12 [which is still a lot but most of those have been out of AGES and we have backstock of them]. We cannot help if people come in day after day to buy them etc. Also, Mattel cannot control the limitations per doll on dolls in other stores [walmart, target, etc].

There are however issues with the SDCC distribution. On you can pre-order the SDCC exclusives for pick-up at the con. They do sell out so there is some sort of set amount set aside for online sale [assuming your fast enough to fill out the order info before it gets taken out of your cart.] but I'm not sure if there is a limit on how many you can order at a time seeing as I've never done this. Also, from what I have heard you can buy 6-9 dolls at a time at the SDCC booth itself, which I think is ridiculous; honestly the most people should be able to buy is 2 at a time in my opinion since there are only 5000 of them made. Mattel has however, attempted a little to deal with dealer room scalpers. [Dealer room scalpers being exhibitors who use their early access to get in line before you even get in the doors and buy the dolls to sell in their booths for outrageous prices.] Both Hasbro and Mattel are either stopping sales to exhibitors or restricting them for the first half hour. That does not mean they can't get in line ahead of you while your waiting for the doors to open though.

What do you think? Do you think Mattel can do more? Should they?

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I just wish they would stop this SDCC exclusive bullcrap!!! Or atleast stop making brand new characters exclusives like Scarah, Hoodude & Wydowna..I'm sure they will always have SDCC exclusives but they should do characters that have been the 1st 2 exclusives Frankie & Ghoulia...


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