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Mattel is in a bad spot these days, with regard to dolls, and the TRU Bankruptcy didn't help. :(


I was watching the nightly news, and I learned that Mattel's stock is continuing to not do so well, and that their doll division has suffered a lot, especially during the months since TRU went down more quickly than the Titanic. The news anchor also claimed that today's kids don't even want dolls nearly as much as their older brothers and sisters did.   :(

So....basically, the destruction of TRU, and the popularity of online shopping sites....and the popularity of blind bag minis, etc., are in the process of making Mattel and their dolls go way, way, way downhill! Mattel just laid off a ton of workers, and I can't remember weather or not they said that the El Segundo location was closing, but I know that right now, I am thanking God that I got to go to The Mattel Toy Store in El Segundo for my Birthday during 2010!

You know, I sometimes find this kind of news tough to believe, especially when Amazon customers have complained about the Project MC2 dolls literally losing their heads in a trice!!! OMG! With dolls that fragile out there, one would think that more people would appreciate the Mattel dolls....

What's the future of Mattel's dolls? Go ask Alice, or the local psychic, or a recently-fired Mattel employee, because I have absolutely no idea, except that I think that it'll have something to do with....blind bag minis, and with toys that will be so small that every mom in town will be in the E.R., trying to explain how Little Timmy accidentally swallowed a blind bag mini while Johnny Jr. was trying to watch him! NOOO!

I know that I'm being very negative, but it's, like, "Just when we were feeling sad about the loss of Toys R Us...."    :(

<Disappears into a shadow, hoping that we don't lose Barbie and Co., too!>


The Whispering Wolf / Wolfie


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Mattel releasing crap doesn't help. They I honestly believe have a major role to play in their own downfall.

They'll of course blame anything except themselves, but if they had put more effort, more time, more energy and passion into their products instead of the phoned in crap we've had the past year or more, maybe kids would want dolls.

Instead we get overpriced JUNK on shelves and Mattel plays the victim.

Sorry if I can't shed a tear for a company who treat their customer base with such contempt and can't be bothered producing a quality product and instead gouge parents for every penny for a piece of crap that'll break in 10 minutes.

Nah, Mattel did this to themselves.

I'm not shedding a single tear for them.

LOL Wolfie! You make me laugh. I can imagine the overcrowding in the ER...and the massive queue...Every little girl having swallowed LOL surprise baby bottles... OH no no no!

A manager in a toy shop in France told me Mattel main product and the one only selling at the moment (and since a long moment) is...Fisher Price...not even Barbie...

I suppose all their dolls lines are on life maybe we should forgive them all the cost cuts and even the gappy joints considering they are really in a bad way...


Fisher Price is for babies, though....unless I'm missing something about that situation.  : /

I'm not surprised that Mattel is suffering for some of their cheapness (<cough> static Fashionistas <cough>), but MGA just drops the ball, with regard to Project MC2?

<Disappears into a shadow>


The Whispering Wolf / Wolfie

Yes, Fisher Price is for babies. Babies saved Mattel, lol

I don't know about Project MC2 but the LOL dolls are crappy quality considering they are really expensive.

Hello, Tula,

I don't disagree with you there. I am mainly getting them because no Mattel dolls have cool, inset eyes.  


<Disappears into a shadow>


The Whispering Wolf / Wolfie


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