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Mattel has the audacity to call her...."Epic Moves" Bo Peep? I have an epic RANT for THEM....AND Wal*Mart!


I'm gonna try to make this quick, because I've been eating too much candy (I've only eaten 3, or so, rolls, and I feel sick!)....and I need to stop....and go to bed....or I'll never see "Toy Story 4" later today. LOL!

So, I walk into Wal*Mart with some dough to throw, but not tons, and I walk into the "Toy Story 4" isle, looking for Mattel's Epic Moves Bo Peep, which I had finally decided to just get, because she was Barbie-scale, sort of like my "Toy Story 2" Jessie doll from 1999.

She's not there (there were two the last time that I was there), so I sort of panic inwardly, because I hauled my sweet bippy in there, only to be faced with no Bo Peep dolls....and a bunch of too-expensive "TS 4" items that wouldn't even allow me enough left over for Bo Peep online later.

I finally flag down an employee, and things get freakin' crazy! He claims that EM B.P. must have been some kind of a Limited Edition at Wal*Mart, and that she may have sold out already! He shows me his version of the W*M website on his little digi-device, but his version of the site only seems to show one listing for the doll, and it's the one that claims that she's a $60.00 doll, which is "on sale" for freaking $45.00! On the computer at home, the site lists the same doll twice, and one listing includes the price that I've seen in the store (about $25.00).

The guy tells me that if I want to order the doll online, she can be shipped to any W*M store, but I politely decline, and I move on, finally deciding to search some other isles, just in case....

"Limited Edition", my foot! I find about eight of them! Of course, Mattel's QC is sooo bad that even after weeding through all of them, I can barely find a good one, and I'm not even talking about Bo Peep's strange-looking smile....

So....I pick up some other items, too (1 pound of Smarties, a baby doll in an owl hat, the all-over-freckled Fashionista Barbie, and the Produce Stand Barbie playset....which turns out to be MISSING the piece from which the scale should be hung!), and I go home....

As the minutes pass, I begin to resent Mattel more and more for making me spend $25.00 for this cheap Bo Peep doll! Why?

* THE HAIR: NYLON! Freaking NYLON....on an official "Toy Story 4" doll....that comes with extra outfit pieces....and a cute, miniature Giggle McDimples figure! There is absolutely no excuse for this, Mattel, when Miss All-Over Freckles Fashionista has soft hair that feels like a Retro dream

* THE OUTFIT: "Epic Moves", my sweet bippy! I'm sorry, but when you cut corners this badly, Mattel, and you dress poor Bo Peep in fabric that's way too stiff and tight, how the heck is she actually supposed to pull of any "epic moves"? Also, the shoes are tough to take off, and the outfit is full of stiff, raw, super uneven seam edges.

* THE BODY OF THE DOLL: Maybe it's just me, but this doll's actual body is the stuff of nightmares! I'll admit to having been spoiled by seeing so many realistic Fashionistas bodies, but....I literally grabbed a nude Repro Barbie, put her next to Bo Peep, and thought that the Barbie looked normal! Bo Peep's body looks so Victorian / Edwardian freakish as to be nightmare fuel! She barely has a chest (Victorian "Cat Chest"), but her waist dips in extremely, giving way to a Kim Kardashian butt....and hips that must've created about ten children! Overall, the look of this doll is so disproportionate that it looks frightening. Then, there are the doll's overly-delicate-feeling ankle joints...and the fact that if her legs aren't both positioned in the same way, there's an incredible gap between one of her hip sockets and her leg! Then again, there are the different shades of plastic that are present in this same doll! I'm just, like, "NOOO!"  :(

* THE ACCESSORIES: I swear that Bo Peep's animated bandages are made from that stuff that a doctor wraps the crook of one's arm in after blood work. Well, sorry, movie fans, but Mattel can't even simulate that look with soft, squishy plastic, because they've gotta place hard as heck plastic pieces on Bo Peep's arms, so that you have to fight a battle worthy of "Toy Story 4" itself in order to pry them free. I was finally able to do so myself, but I was afraid that I'd damage Bo Peep's arms in the process.

Oh, well...."Jessie finds a way!" I'm going to try to re-style Bo Peep's hair....and maybe even make an entirely new undergarment for her, in the style of what she wears in the new movie.

<Disappears into a shadow>


The Whispering Wolf / Wolfie

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This is so odd, I got her and I adore her. I've played with her tons and she feels quite solid and her clothes seem actually good quality to me. Much higher quality than anything else I've seen from Mattel lately. I don't have trouble posing her in her outfit either, and I love her different pear shaped body, even if it's just as unrealistic as most other dolls!

I do agree about the silly plastic for the arm wraps, though! lol

Hello, Tea.EarlGrey.Hot,

Well, as they say, "Different strokes for different folks." :)  Some people are looking for a certain set of requirements to be met when they buy a doll, and other people have a totally different set of requirements in mind. That's okay, as long as Mattel keeps on top of their game.

I'm notoriously picky when it comes to dolls. Anyone who knows me knows that I can spend half an hour or more comparing doll faces at the well-lit end of a Wal*Mart isle, just to make certain that I am truly going to buy the most well-painted doll out of a ton of dolls. That's just me, though. 

Is your doll the actual Epic Moves Bo Peep doll, though, or an Action Bo Peep doll (a single Epic Moves Bo Peep doll....without the extra clothes) that's being sold on eBay....and on Australia's Amazon site? I'm asking because there may be a difference between the two dolls, since Mattel didn't have to put any attention into giving that second one any extra clothes. I'm also curious to know if your doll's hair is nylon or not.

<Disappears into a shadow>


The Whispering Wolf / Wolfie

Yep, it’s epic moves. This specific doll is the only thing related to toy story I care about, lol! Though I might end up getting the Barbie bc she’s kinda cute and articulation. 

Anyways omg I spend forever looking at face paint too, monster high trained me into that haha. Maybe I got lucky because none of the ones in the Disney store I went to had very noticeable defects.

LOL What a rant! I don't know what to think but I will definitely wait for her to be very reduced!

Here is Breanna's review of this doll.


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